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List of Pet Supplies Needed for Raising Pets

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List of Pet Supplies Needed for Raising Pets

When you are ready to start taking home a precious pet from a breeder. Or find the best rescue dog or cat to adopt. Then it’s time to go shopping so your new pet has everything they need from day one. If you're a first-time pet owner, it can feel overwhelming. However, by being prepared for all of your pet's needs, you will be able to focus on getting them acclimated to their new environment and starting their training. Here are the basic pet supplies your typical new dog or cat needs based on our ongoing experience.


1. Food for a new dog or cat

If possible, find out what brand of food your new pet was eating before adoption and purchase the same type of food. If you don't know what your pet has been eating, you will need to buy high-quality food that is appropriate for your pet's life stage. For example, if you are getting a newborn puppy or kitten, you will want puppy or kitten food. Keep in mind that new pets may also have food allergies and require different types of food.

2. Water and food bowls

Pet water and food bowls can be as simple as two stainless steel or ceramic bowls. But if you're looking for something more complex than that, you'll definitely find it. Pet stores sell everything from loft bowls to filtered water bowls. Of course, you can always personalize your water and food bowls with your pet's name.

3. Leash and collar

Like water and food bowls, leashes and collars can be personalized and come in a variety of styles. There are retractable leashes, leashes with poop bag dispensers, leashes with padded handles, reflective collars, and LED light collars. Find something that works for your pet and don’t feel bad about having multiple leashes. Different belts serve different purposes, and it's always a smart idea to have an extra belt on hand. A sliding leash is ideal for this purpose because you can simply slip it over your pet's head without a collar. This is a good backup.

4. Pet identification tags and microchips

It might seem like these things can be put off and dealt with as long as there is time, but this is not the case. Statistics show that nearly 10 million pets are lost every year. Be sure to update your pet's ID tag each time your contact information changes. Additionally, if the shelter or breeder where you keep your pet does not have your dog or cat microchipped, you should have it done by your veterinarian. You never know when an accident or emergency may occur and you'll want to protect your new pet immediately.

5. Pet First Aid Kit

You can buy a ready-made kit for your pet or make one yourself. Either way, it is essential to prepare an emergency pet first aid kit. We can deal with minor injuries in time. If the injury is more serious, you need to go to the pet hospital for treatment immediately.

6. Pet bed

Your pet's bed is a safe place for them to relax and sleep. It should be comfortable, supportive, and allow them to stretch out. Your pet will likely use several beds throughout its life, and once the dog gets older, the bed should provide the necessary cushioning for their joints.

7. Snacks and toys

What is a precious new pet without treats to enjoy and toys to occupy? The options are endless, but try to focus on treats and toys that serve a purpose—health, training, or stimulation. Keep in mind that overfeeding your pet can lead to obesity, which can lead to health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer.


8. Pet grooming brush

Combing or combing your pet's coat daily removes dead hair and prevents the coat from getting tangled or knotted. Regular brushing can also help reduce fur and dander in your home. When you visit a pet store or go online, you'll find everything from wire brushes to bristle brushes to dematting brushes and even glove brushes.

9. Toothbrush

Many pets don’t like brushing their teeth. As a result, some pet owners become lax about maintaining their pets' oral hygiene. This can harm your pet's health and lead to costly trips to the vet's office. In addition to regular professional dental cleanings, it's a good idea to brush your pet's teeth every day, at least three times a week. Pet stores sell toothpastes specifically for cats and dogs that are flavored to suit them better.


The above are some daily necessities for raising pets, for reference by people who raise pets for the first time. Pets are our family members and we hope they can be treated kindly. If the environment does not allow it or you regret having a pet, please help them find a pet lover so that every day of their life will be happy!

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