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Are Artificial Flowers Eco Friendly?

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Are Artificial Flowers Eco Friendly?

Artificial flowers are undoubtedly a great alternative to fresh flowers, and we have already mentioned their advantages and the reasons why you should choose our artificial plants for decoration.
However, there is another very important aspect to consider when choosing artificial flowers – sustainability.
Many of you may wonder if fake plants are sustainable, or if they are harmful to the environment.
One of the main principles of sustainability is reusability. Artificial flowers may look gentle and delicate, but they are very durable and flexible, so you can reuse, rearrange and repurpose them as many times as you want. Isn't that great?


While natural flowers are often treated with pesticides, which is not only harmful to the health of flower industry workers and people who receive such bouquets as gifts, but also a threat to the environment, artificial flowers do not require pesticides, they are safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
In addition, compared to fresh cut flowers, artificial flowers will never wilt, do not require any special conditions, watering or temperature regulation, and can therefore be transported by sea, which is a more environmentally friendly way, as ships produce fewer emissions than airplanes.
In the past, when fake flowers were made of fabric, manufacturers had to use bleaches and dyes that could be toxic and pollute the environment. But this is no longer the case. With the advent of new technologies, modern artificial plants are made of innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.


It's time to forget all kinds of stereotypes. Flowers are best appreciated in their natural environment (in gardens, parks, etc.). We have a wide range of lifelike artificial flowers and plants that feel natural to the touch and look amazing!

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