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Are Artificial Plants Safe?

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Are Artificial Plants Safe?

Home decor is never truly complete unless you add a touch of green with some houseplants. While real houseplants will provide you with that pop of color, as well as cleaner air around your home, you might be surprised to learn that not only are many houseplants difficult to care for, but most are toxic to children and pets. Many of these may only cause some irritation or illness, but a few may cause organ failure and possibly death, especially in pets.

Artificial plants are the perfect way to bring color and tranquility to your home without worrying about potentially life-threatening poisons. Even better, they require no maintenance and you never have to deal with plant death! Of course, you may also want to know what artificial plants are made of and what risks they pose to your children and pets. Read on to learn all about artificial plant toxicity.

What are artificial plants made of?

artificial plants
Artificial plants originated in China many centuries ago when they discovered that silk could be obtained from silkworms. They used this silk to create beautiful artificial flowers, creating lavish flower arrangements that were displayed in the homes of the wealthy.

After the Chinese began trading this silk and its products with major European countries in the 12th century, other countries began to follow suit, producing their own versions of these artificial flowers for sale, first Italy, then France, and then England. None quite meet the standards of the Chinese originals.

Modern "silk flowers" and artificial plants are no longer made of real silk, except for the more expensive products on the market. Most artificial plants today are made of plastic, with some having added wire or polyester, a more durable material that will stand the test of time.

Plastic can be easily molded to look just like real plants, and some of the highest quality artificial plants even feel like real plants.


Are artificial plants toxic to children?

One of the main advantages of artificial plants is that they are non-toxic to children. Real poisonous plants probably won't be a problem if placed high up and out of reach of curious children, but if you're trying to fill some empty space with potted plants on the floor, real houseplants might poses dangerous problems.

To ensure that your children are protected from poisonous plants, you should choose artificial plants. Eliminating the toxicity eliminates the threat.

Are artificial plants toxic to pets?

Artificial plants are also the safest option for your pet. Any part of a live poisonous plant can be toxic to your pet, including soil, fallen leaves and excess water, and if any part is ingested, it could mean an expensive trip to the vet that could be avoided of.

You don't have to worry about artificial plants losing their leaves (they're non-toxic anyway), they don't require watering, and there's no soil involved, so they really are a great addition to the home of any pet that loves to explore with their mouths!


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