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Are pet toys safe?

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Are pet toys safe?

It’s so heartwarming to see your puppy happily jumping on his favorite toy, tail wagging with pure joy. We know these moments of play are more than just fun, they're an important part of keeping our pets happy, healthy, and fully entertained.

Here, we have discussed how to avoid using toxic toys as they can be dangerous to our precious puppies. We'll take a closer look at which toys are safe for dogs and guide you on how to choose the best toys for your furry friends.

Identify safe dog toys

Choosing the right toys for your puppy isn't just for fun, it's also for safety. Appearances can be deceiving, and just because a toy is fun doesn't mean it's safe. Pay attention to these key factors to help you identify safe dog chews and toys.


Toy material

Carefully identify and select the safest dog chews and toys. The first step in identifying safe dog toys is to understand what materials the toys are made of. Dog toys are not regulated by the FDA, only by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for dog toys that may pose a risk to humans.

Some toys, especially those made of plastic, can contain chemicals that are dangerous or even life-threatening to dogs. Just be sure to do the work to understand the specific chemicals and toxins in dog toys and how to avoid them. We generally recommend choosing Grade A or natural rubber dog toys, or toys made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or hemp.

Manufacturing Standards

It's important to choose toys from reputable manufacturers who don't use toxic toy coatings, chemicals, or harmful dyes in the manufacturing process. Check the FDA Animal/Veterinary Recall List to determine the brand of product that has been recalled. This may indicate a potential manufacturing issue.

Choose brands and toys that have a good reputation in the pet industry, know their manufacturing processes, and are recommended by veterinarians and animal care experts.

suitable size

In order for the toy to be safe, it must be the right size for your dog. For smaller dogs, choose toys that they can hold in their mouths and carry without difficulty. Larger dogs need chew toys with a larger diameter so they are less likely to break or swallow.

Toys may pose a choking hazard if they are too small for the dog and contain small parts (strings, beads, bells, eyes, etc.) that could come loose and be swallowed. So choose a toy that's the right size and big enough so that it won't get swallowed or get stuck in your mouth.


To prevent dogs from breaking toys, swallowing parts, or cutting themselves on sharp edges, the safest dog chews are made from durable materials.

Rubber and silicone are generally good material choices for safe, non-toxic dog toys. These materials are durable and flexible and won't damage your pet's teeth. Dog toys can be tested for durability, please do the thumbnail test. If your thumbnail can leave a dent in an object, it can be chewed. If your thumb is bent, you're likely to break a tooth.


Whether it's a ball for a game of fetch, a stuffed animal for cuddles, or a challenging puzzle to solve, you can be sure every pup will find a fun and safe toy to keep them entertained .

Chew Toys: Great for energetic dogs. They also help relieve stress and help clean your dog's teeth. For safe and healthy dog chew toys, look for toys made from sturdy materials like rubber, silicone, or nylon that can withstand your dog's powerful jaws.

Interactive and educational toys:

These toys are great for your dog’s physical and mental health. Some of the best interactive toys for dogs include puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, and balls with treat compartments.

Fetch and Pull Toys:

Great for active play and ensuring your dog gets plenty of exercise. These toys also allow you to play and interact with your dog. These types of toys include thick knots, balls, flexi discs, and more.

But it’s also important to clean, replace and rotate your dog’s toys regularly. Also note that replacing damaged toys is critical to preventing injuries and choking hazards. Let’s become more and more professional in raising pets together.

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