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Are Pet Water Dispensers Safe?

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Are Pet Water Dispensers Safe?

The idea that your cat needs to be encouraged to drink water may seem strange, but it's true. Our domestic cats are descended from desert dwellers, and drinking water is not their top priority, although it should be. Keeping your cat well hydrated means better overall health and a lower chance of developing cystitis, urinary crystals, kidney problems, and more. A water fountain is a great way to get your cat to drink more water.


Are cat water fountains safe?

Yes! As long as the fountain is well-made and uses appropriate waterproof materials, it is safe for pets to drink from the fountain. It's always a good idea to check the pump and power cord, especially the part of the cord that's submerged under water. Make sure the cords are not damaged each time you clean them, and if your cat likes to chew on cords, use a cord protector on the cords on the outside of the fountain unit. If you have any concerns, unplug the fountain when you are not home and provide your cat with another water source during this time. Benefits of using a pet water fountain for your cat.


Water fountains offer many benefits to you and your cat.

Encourage drinking more water. Cats generally prefer running water. In the wild, drinking water from a stream is safer than drinking from a puddle of standing water filled with bacteria and other nasty stuff.

Improve hydration. Cats are prone to urinary problems and other health problems due to their highly concentrated urine and lack of interest in drinking. Plenty of water can prevent or improve infections, cystitis, crystals, urinary tract obstruction, kidney disease, and other conditions.

Minimize clutter. Some cats will knock over cups full of water, play in water bowls, or even try to drink water from the toilet. A fun fountain and flowing water can keep their attention on the water where it should be.

Whisker space. Many of us use small or deep bowls to give our cats water. This can be uncomfortable because their whiskers will touch the sides of the bowl. Most fountains are shallow and wide, providing plenty of room for beards.

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