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Can Resin Figurines Get Wet?

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Can Resin Figurines Get Wet?

The Sculpture Gallery features an impressive variety of resin sculptures, each one a joy to behold.  The resin sculptures included in our collection are typically "cold cast bronze" sculptures, which are a mixture of powdered bronze and polyester resin.  Learn more about the cold cast bronze casting process here.

If you have recently received a new sculpture from us, you may be wondering the best way to care for it.  One of the benefits of resin sculptures, besides their stunning appearance, is that they are an extremely durable piece of home art.  As with any decoration or surface in your home, you may need to clean your resin sculpture from time to time to ensure that it remains as beautiful as when it arrived.

Gentle cleaning of indoor sculptures

For indoor bronze resin sculptures, you usually only need to wipe it lightly with a cloth.  If you touch them frequently, you can also wipe them with a damp cloth first and then with a dry cloth.  This is to avoid grease buildup.  For complex sculptures with lots of small angles and fine details, we recommend using the Fine Brush.  This way you can get into all the little areas where dirt might be hiding, but use a tool that's soft and won't cause any abrasion.


Light cleaning of outdoor sculptures

Some people like to keep their resin sculptures outdoors, and if you are one of them, there are a few things to consider.  A sculpture placed outdoors may need more than just dusting, as it is more likely to pick up dirt, grime, or even a thin layer of moss on its surface over time.  The good news is that since your resin sculpture happily gets wet, you can simply use a hose or lightly soak it in warm water to remove any light dirt or grime on the surface.  One thing to note about outdoor resin sculptures is that they will not rust.  So if you see something that looks like rust, it's probably the little scraps of steel wool used to finish the sculpture.  These can simply be brushed off the piece as they are not part of the bronze itself.

Heavier cleaning

If your bronze resin sculpture has been left outside for years without a few cleanings, it may need something more substantial than what's mentioned above.  In addition to water, you can use a resin cleaner, but a standard soap wash will also help remove mossy coverings.  Since you need to break down the layer of dirt, use some fine steel wool to scrub the piece gently but thoroughly.


waxes and polishes

After cleaning your sculpture, whether it is indoor or outdoor, it is recommended that you polish it.  To do this, you'll need some bronze resin wax and a few dry cloths.  You may also need handy little brushes for painting intricate sculptures.  Apply a thin layer of wax to the sculpture with a cloth or brush, coating it evenly, and wait for it to dry.  You can check the packaging of your chosen wax to find out exactly how long it will take.  Then, wipe off the wax with a clean cloth, making sure to apply extra polish to the dullest areas of the sculpture.  Although your sculpture may not look dirty, it is recommended that you clean and wax your indoor sculpture once or twice a year.

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