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Do Cats Have A Favorite Person?

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Do Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Cats can be complex creatures. One moment they're cute and adorable, the next they're smart and crazy. But one thing that's not so complicated? Find out if your cat has a favorite person—and why. "Cats have different relationships with different people," says Mikel Maria Delgado, who has a PhD in psychology, is a certified cat behavior consultant at Feline Minds, and the author of "Getting Started with Your Cat" Play together! "The author of the book. "They have different preferences in how to play and gain affection, and one may offer something that the other cannot. It's as simple as that."

Here, experts explain why cats are attracted to one person or another and the best ways to bond with your cat if you want to be their favorite person.


Do cats have a favorite person?

"Some cats may have a favorite person, and other cats may not," says Lori Teller, DVM, clinical professor at Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. "It's very personal. People who do have a favorite person tend to choose the person who is most likely to feed them, give them attention and meet their needs."

Whether your cat is more inclined to have a favorite person usually depends on what they've been through during their four to eight weeks of life. Delgado explains that this is called a kitten's social window, or the time in a kitten's life when she's really willing to learn about things in her environment.

"If you have a kitten socialized with one person during this time, then when they grow up, they will be friendly with that person and not others. However, kittens that are socialized with many people will be friendly with more people later on. People make connections.”

During this social window, cats learn to generalize about whether people are "good" or "bad." "So it's important for kittens to have many positive experiences with many different people during this early socialization window."


How cats choose their favorite people

Delgado explains that unlike dogs, who often choose their favorite humans based on the person who trained them, cats don't instinctively seek out a hierarchy between other animals and humans in the home. "Cats are not looking for a leader," Delgado said. "They're looking for someone they can trust, they're looking for someone who can give them all the good things in life."

So what are the "good things" that cats pursue? Here are the factors that most often prompt cats to choose their favorite people:


Food: Who provides basic needs?

Teller explains that cats may choose to stay with the person who feeds them the most because that's a basic need. She encourages cat owners who want to be favorites to feed them at mealtimes and provide appropriate treats. "Remember, treats should not make up more than 10 percent of your cat's diet," notes Taylor.

Positive Vibes: Who understands me?

Just like with dogs, a source of positive experiences is key to bonding with cats, Delgado said. However, cats have more quirks than their canine friends. Some people love being held, while others hate it. Some people like to be cuddled while sleeping, others like to be alone. Cats want to be with people who exhibit behaviors they like.

How to know what makes them happy?

Then we have to pay attention to their body language. If they become nervous, push you away, or run away, then you are not exhibiting "favorite" behavior in their eyes. Purring, rubbing, and clinging to you are all signs that your cat likes what's going on.

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