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Do Cats Play with Balls?

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Do Cats Play with Balls?

Toys play an extremely important role in stimulating cats, helping to maintain their behavior and health, and providing exercise. They are especially important for indoor cats, who may not enjoy as much stimulation as outdoor cats. There are hundreds of toys to choose from, and it can be difficult to figure out which toy is best for your cat.

Why do cats need toys?

Just like humans, cats need physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and happy. Getting enough physical stimulation and mental enrichment helps develop good habits in your cat and also means they are less prone to behavioral problems. When cats don't get enough exercise, they may engage in destructive behaviors, such as being hyperactive at night, scratching unwanted surfaces, or acting aggressively.

Play also strengthens the bond between people and animals. Whenever you play with your cat, you're building trust and bonding, and toys can help keep them entertained when you're not around.

What toys are best for my cat?

The type of toys that are best for your cat depends largely on their temperament and habits. Most cat toys try to stimulate their instincts: chasing, pouncing, scratching, and climbing. Your cat may prefer indulging in one behavior over others; or they may prefer several types.


Types of Cat Toys to Consider


Some cats like to chase balls and hit them. You can try a regular ball, a ball with a bell inside (a "ding-dong ball"), a motorized ball, or even a crumpled paper ball.

Toy mice and other hunting toys:

Cats are natural predators, and toys that tap into their prey drive can keep them entertained for hours.

Wand/fishing rod/feather teaser toys:

Toys like teaser feathers encourage jumping, swooping and stalking. Just make sure any toys with strings are used only under your supervision and stored safely away from your cat after play to avoid accidental ingestion.

Laser Pointers:

You may have seen many YouTube videos where cats are obsessed with laser pointers! They can be a relatively cheap and easy way to get your cat good exercise. Just make sure you’re buying a product that’s safe for animals.

Interactive feeding toys:

Food puzzle toys can stimulate your cat’s thinking and help entertain them when you are not around;

Climbing toys:

Cat trees and perches can provide your cat with somewhere to climb when you're not home, as well as a place to take naps. Cats like to perch in high places.

Cat Scratching Post:

Cats love to scratch; it's a natural instinct that helps them stretch, exercise their back and shoulder muscles, and express happiness. Trimming your nails a little can also help. Specific scratching posts will encourage your cat to scratch where you want and keep your couch from getting ripped apart! We recommend at least one scratching post per cat to avoid territorial issues. While vertical scratching posts are the most common, some cats prefer scratching on horizontal surfaces, such as jute doormats or corrugated cardboard scratchers.

Catnip toys:

Some cats like catnip (although it's worth noting that most cats don't develop sensitivity until four to six months, so for very young kittens, it's best to hold off). It’s easy to find toys infused with catnip, like these catnip-infused mice .


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