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Do Cats Prefer Female Owners?

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Do Cats Prefer Female Owners?

According to research in the journal Behavioral Processes, cats view your veterinary clients, especially female clients, as social companions, and not just because they want to be fed. Do cats prefer the company of their female owners to their male owners? Cats prefer the company of women to men, according to a study published by the Konrad Lorenz Research Station and Department of Behavioral Biology at the University of Vienna. Cats are easy to please: feed, pet and groom them and you have a happy feline. While kittens can love men just as easily as women, they are more likely to choose female owners for five reasons.


1. The sound is softer

Let's face it, women sound more soothing than men. Children respond better to softer tones, and so do kittens. They love hearing women hum, talk, and generally sound because, as Daily Cat explains, women tend to be more vocal about their kitty children. And, the article goes on to say, because cats' meows are typically higher-pitched, it's also easier for them to copy the female voice rather than the male voice and communicate freely with the female when they want or need something.

2. Feminine touch

Generally speaking, women's hands are softer and more delicate than men's. When petting cats, they tend to be lighter and more soothing than a man's larger hands. If a woman pays more attention to petting than a man does, the cat is likely to form a special bond with her and hunt her down when she needs another massage.


3. Maternal instinct

Women have a natural instinct to care for and nurture human babies, and they may do the same with cats. According to Discovery News, the most important need of any pet is feeding, and the woman of the house is most likely to do that for her cat, so the person who feeds him is the most likely to win his affection. In addition, a woman's ability to care for and love a cat in a maternal manner will remind the kitten of its own mother and thus show more love to the mistress

4. Similar personality traits

Just as dogs are man's best friend because of their love of the outdoors, sports, and being a little dirty, felines are also women's companions. Because cats like to be clean and groomed, cats and females share many of the same personality traits. Like any good friend, a cat chooses his or her human companion based on similarity and ability to get along.


5. Higher interactivity

According to a Discovery News study on cat and human behavior, the number one reason cats like women is that women tend to spend more time with cats. The more attention they receive from a person, the more likely they are to give the same amount of love. Just like relationships, the more love and attention you give your cat, the stronger the bond and strength of the bond.

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