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Do Indoor Cats Get Bored?

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Do Indoor Cats Get Bored?

How to help a bored cat

play with them

Interactive games are the best way to keep your cat entertained. Most cats only need short play sessions of a few minutes at a time, but try to fit in a few each day and vary the toys you use to keep it fun.

let them out

There's a lot in the outside world to interest your cat, from prey to chasing, climbing trees, and exploring all kinds of places. If your cat can go outside, give them access during the day to ensure they can come back inside when needed and at night. If you have an indoor cat, you might consider purchasing an enclosed "catio" that attaches to the house for their use. Find more advice on keeping your cat safe outdoors.

Provide a perch near a window

If your cat can't go outside, or prefers to stay indoors, they can still enjoy the view of the outside world through a window. Let them get onto a windowsill or perch near a window with an interesting view so they can watch local wildlife. You can even create some entertainment by placing a bird or squirrel feeder outside your window.

Plant some cat grass

Bring the outside world indoors by growing some cat grass in an indoor planter. Many cats enjoy chewing cat grass, and it can even aid their digestion. Find more advice on cat-safe plants.


try some training

It’s not just dogs that can be trained! Your cat can be taught to do a variety of things, including sitting, rolling over, and responding to its own name. Plus, it’s a great way to keep them mentally stimulated and strengthen your bond.

Puzzle feeders available

Making mealtime fun is a great way to combat boredom. Use a puzzle feeder to encourage your cat to work for food. There are many different types of products you can buy or you can make your own. Learn how to make a feeding puzzle for your cat.

give them a groom

Most cats need some help with grooming from time to time, and long-haired cats, especially, need grooming on a daily basis. Grooming is a great activity you can do together and most cats enjoy the attention. Learn how to groom your cat.


Give them something to climb on

Cats like to stand high so they can feel safe and observe the world from a vantage point. Try providing them with cat towers, cat racks and walkways, or just clear some space on top of furniture or shelves so they can explore their home from different heights.

Think carefully before getting another cat

You might think that giving your cat a feline friend to play with will help prevent them from getting bored, but that may not work. Cats are by nature very solitary animals and don't necessarily want to play with other cats. In fact, having another cat around can cause them a lot of stress. If you decide to get a second cat, be sure to carefully follow our guidelines for introducing cats to increase the chances that they will get along.

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