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Do Resin Figures Break Easily?

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Do Resin Figures Break Easily?

As a resin craftsman, you know that one small mistake can undo all your hard work.  Spilling or dropping your precious item isn't the only reason to ruin it—sometimes, something as small as seemingly insignificant, like improper temperature control, incorrect measurements, or even extended curing time, can lead to poor results.

So, will resin art break?

Although it is very durable compared to traditional media like paint or crayons, sometimes the applied pressure and drastic temperature changes can cause the resin artwork to crack.  If you take extra precautions, such as avoiding direct sunlight and extreme heat sources, your resin art should remain intact.

While mastering resin art takes time and practice, there are some precautions you can take to prevent any disastrous consequences when working with resin.  In this article, we’ll share our top tips on how to keep your project safe from corruption (and other mistakes)!


Will the resin crack when dropped?

Yes, resin can crack or crack when dropped because it is a brittle material that is somewhat elastic, but not strong enough to absorb the shock and stress of a sudden impact.  The thickness of the resin layer, the type of resin used, and the surface it's applied to all affect the likelihood of a drop causing cracks or breaks.

Thicker resin layers are more likely to crack or break when impacted due to their greater mass and lower ability to absorb shock.  On the other hand, resins with more flexible or elastic polymers may be less prone to cracking or breaking when dropped because they can better absorb some of the impact and pressure.

The force of the impact and any sharp edges on the impact surface can also cause the resin to chip or crack.  If there are sharp edges on the hard surface on which the item falls, there is an increased chance that those sharp edges will create damaging forces on contact, which could cause the thicker resin layer to shatter or crack.
Similarly, if an extremely heavy object is dropped from a considerable height onto a softer surface, a significant amount of energy may still be transferred through the impact, which may be too much even for elastic resins with thicker layers. too much.

Generally speaking, however, most drops are not strong enough to cause damage to most types of resin unless the resin is particularly thin or weakened by age or wear.


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