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How Do I Tell If My Cat Loves Me?

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How Do I Tell If My Cat Loves Me?

This is a source of controversy between so-called "dog people" and "cat people." Popular opinion seems to be that dogs are more loving and loyal than cats - but ask anyone who lives with cats and they'll tell you that cats can definitely show affection.

Just like us, every cat shows love to its humans in different ways. But almost all cats display some easily identifiable behaviors that show affection, and maybe even love.

Signs Your Cat Loves You

1. follow you


This is a sure sign that your cat likes you—or at least knows you're a source of food for them. Cats that receive lots of affection from their humans will associate humans with positive interactions and may follow humans from room to room (including the bathroom) in pursuit of more.

2. Sleep next to you or with you

If your cat jumps on your bed and snuggles up to you every night, it's a clear sign that they enjoy physical intimacy. Even cats that are nervous around humans or don't like physical contact will often sleep next to humans because they may feel safest when humans are lying down and don't pose as much of a threat.

3. Show your belly

Their stomach is a cat's most vulnerable place, so if they're willing to expose their belly to you, that means they feel safe. Sometimes, if cats are feeling frisky, they may roll over and expose their bellies while playing (a classic "cat trap" move) - but be careful with their claws!

4. Twitch the tip of the tail and wrap the tail around you

The behavior of a cat's tail is a language in itself. The way a cat holds its tail can tell you a lot about its mood in any given situation. If a cat runs towards you or circles you with its tail high and wagging, it usually means they are happy to see you. They may also swing their tail back and forth in a wide, sinuous motion to show extra excitement.

When a cat sits or lies next to a human, the cat may wrap its tail around the body part closest to the human to express warmth and affection.

5. Headbutt you and rub you hard

In addition to showing physical affection, cats also like to rub their faces and heads against people or objects they want to possess. Cats have scent glands on their foreheads, lips, and cheeks that only other cats can smell, so they basically mark anything they rub as their property. They may also pick up your scent when they rub against their owners, demonstrating "scent sharing," a common behavior between cats who are close.


6. Greet you at the door

Children, spouses, dogs—most of our cohabitants greet us when we come home to express their gratitude for our return. Cats are no exception, and many will run to the door when they hear the keys or footsteps of their favorite person approaching. Be prepared to meow, head-butt, and maybe even move back and forth between your legs. Whether they're happy to see you or want to tell you their food bowl is empty, it's up to you to decide...

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