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How Long Does It Take for An Artificial Tree To Decompose?

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How Long Does It Take for An Artificial Tree To Decompose?

There are many artificial plants on the market now, including Christmas trees. So is their appearance good or bad? Have you debated this topic among family and friends? At first glance, some consumers often believe that artificial trees with a lifespan of 5-10 years are a better option than cutting down trees and throwing them away year after year, while others believe that the process of planting a real tree is simpler. many. Before making a decision, consider the entire life cycle of both trees and the disposal options for both.

artificial tree

Usually made in China. Typically manufactured and assembled in China, artificial Christmas trees are shipped from the factory to ports in China using specialized tools. It is then transported by container ship to a U.S. port and then trucked from the port to a storage facility and finally to the retailer. Customers take artificial Christmas trees home in buses from retailers. When an artificial tree reaches the end of its life, it is sent to a landfill, where it takes more than 500 years to decompose. And many people ignore the toxicity of plastics. Plastic can travel around the world through oceans, rivers and air. In rivers and oceans, plastic can travel great distances, so today plastic can be found directly in ocean currents, from the surface of the ocean to the deepest trenches.


We still don’t know how long plastic will last in these environments, but what is certain is that it will definitely last longer than the people who use plastic, and the total amount of plastic is still accumulating. Such environmental impacts, like rising carbon dioxide levels, are caused by humans. No recycling programs and ocean cleanups can completely eliminate the traces we leave behind. Plastic is a scar that I hope will serve as a warning to future generations about the folly of unsustainable over-consumption.

real tree

After the real trees are cut down, they are often transported home in passenger cars. When the real tree's life is over, it can be composted or turned into mulch. It takes less than six months to break down if consumers choose to send it to landfill.


If we think about it calmly, you will find that maybe the real tree is the best. Of course, if every household cuts down a tree every Christmas and decorates it, that is often not enough. I think the government can organize and decorate a very large Christmas tree in the center of towns and let people go to gathering points to celebrate together. This can not only solve the problem of the Christmas tree, but also make the Christmas atmosphere more joyful.

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