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How Long Does Resin Art Last?

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How Long Does Resin Art Last?

Epoxy resin is known as an ideal finish for countertops, tabletops, bar tops, and other types of decorative furniture.  It’s durable, beautiful, and will last for many years with proper care.

But how long does it actually last?  What factors affect the service life of epoxy resin topcoats?

Today, we'll explain how to get the most out of your epoxy resin by providing care tips and resin recommendations for various types of epoxy projects.


How long does epoxy resin last?

Five key factors influence how long an epoxy finish or resin artwork will remain in optimal condition before it begins to gradually deteriorate (which can be avoided by refreshing the finish with a new coat).

The five key factors in epoxy resin longevity are:
The brand of epoxy you use: Often, quality brands last longer than unfamiliar, off-brand products.
The type of epoxy you use: There are different types of epoxy suitable for different projects.  For example, tabletop epoxies are designed to last the longest and withstand the most stress and wear.  However, they cannot be applied thickly and require more work when thick application is required.
Climatic conditions while epoxy is curing or mixing: In order for epoxy to fully harden, it needs to be within the ideal temperature and humidity range.
Take care when mixing, pouring and removing air bubbles: every step of the epoxy process is critical to getting the most out of the resin.  If any step is not handled properly, the epoxy may develop defects that harm its appearance or weaken the strength of its surface or substrate bond.
The environment in which it is placed: For example, an indoor epoxy tabletop may be more durable than an outdoor epoxy tabletop that is constantly exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather.  This will first affect the visual appearance and ultimately the physical smoothness/surface strength as well.


Factor #1: Which epoxy brands last the longest?

At UltraClear Epoxy, we offer only high-quality epoxy resins.  Our epoxy resins are professional-grade quality but suitable for beginners as well.  If properly cared for, each of our resins should last at least 7 years.

Our resin also refreshes easily, so if your epoxy surface needs refinishing, you can add a new coat of UltraClear Tabletop Epoxy to keep your surface looking brand new.

Most other reputable resin brands should last at least 5 years (again with proper care) before needing to be updated.

It is important to avoid unfamiliar brands, especially those sold by third parties on open marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc. These resin types may fail sooner than they should.

Factor #2: Which type of epoxy lasts the longest?

This is the least influential of the five factors.  If done properly, each epoxy resin type will have roughly the same lifespan.  Once cured they differ primarily in their hardness and ability to withstand certain types of environments.

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