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How To Collect Action Figures

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How To Collect Action Figures

Collecting action figures can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. It can take you back to your childhood. It helps you celebrate your passion for your favorite movie, comic book, or TV show. And if a collection is purchased carefully, it can even become a great financial investment, as many figures on the collectible market can fetch big bucks.


So what makes you want to collect action figures?

We all know action figures are cool, but what is your deeper motivation for starting collecting action figures instead of stamps, books, or coins? People who generally collect it are those who like to watch movies or anime. They will collect according to their favorite characters, and some will even collect several different styles of one character. But I still have a few suggestions about collecting.

1. First, limit your collection to one or two themes

so you don't spend too much on any old doll that catches your eye. A lack of focus can result in a jumble of numbers that you might consider impulse buying later, ultimately wasting your money.

Maybe you're looking for all of your favorite action figures from childhood. This can be an expensive process but is extremely rewarding and full of awesome nostalgia.

Maybe you're just a fan of the art of puppet making. Then you may want to focus your collection on figures with great sculpts and paint jobs. With each new character, this could be a very beautiful series.

2. So, where should you start collecting?

Once you determine why you want to collect action figures, you can start your collection with a smart first purchase. Start by doing preliminary research by browsing online doll websites. This will give you an idea of what’s popular and what’s not. Even if you can't find what you're looking for in our store, send us an email, message us on social media, or call us and we'll help you find it through our network.


3. How should you display your action figures?

A lot of thought should go into how the data is presented. This is just as important as buying the right figures for your collection. Beautiful display cabinets with shelves and glass doors are available at many furniture and department stores, even IKEA or Amazon. These are great for displaying collectibles in specific areas of your home or office and help prevent your collection from spreading everywhere. If you can't find a suitable display cabinet, a pair of tall, matching bookshelves will work just as well.

So now that you know the basics of action figure collecting, check out our store and add your first figure to your cart.


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