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How To Hang Metal Wall Decor

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How To Hang Metal Wall Decor

With metal wall art, you can express your personal style, share special memories, and bring an extra touch of love to any room in your home. Knowing how to properly hang metal wall art is important for both practical and design purposes. That's why we've put together a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. We'll share tips for safely hanging your work on the wall to ensure it's perfectly level.


Step One: Choose a Strong Hook

Make sure the device holding the metal artwork to the wall can handle the weight of the artwork. Sometimes metal prints come with hooks, but sometimes you need to buy one separately. If your metal wall art does not have hooks, we recommend using painting wire or sawn strips.

Step Two: Use the Stud Finder to Find Studs on the Wall

Since metal wall art tends to be heavier than other framed art, you'll need to mount the piece somewhere safe. Hanging it directly on drywall or plaster may cause tears or damage to the wall. Columns run vertically within the wall and are the basic elements of the wall's frame and structure. To find a stud, turn on a stud finder and place it on the wall. Slide the device horizontally along the wall. Lights indicate when a stud is found. Mark the wall with a pencil so you know exactly where the studs are.

Step Three: Mark Where You Want to Hang Your Artwork

By finding the studs, you know the vertical lines where you can hang your art. Choose where you want your piece to hang along the stud line and mark it clearly with a pencil.

Step Four: Determine the location of the hanger

In order to place your art where you want it, you need to determine how low the hook or wire is on the back of the art. To find this, measure the distance from the hook or wire to the top of the artwork. Record the measurements on a piece of paper.


Step Five: Mark the exact hanging points

Using a screwdriver or drill, secure the screws to the wall at the exact locations you marked in step 5. The screws should be long enough to penetrate the studs in the wall, with enough remaining length for your hook or hanger to hang comfortably on the wall. end. You may need to use a drill to drill a pilot hole before inserting the screw.

Step Six: Hang the Metal Artwork on the Hooks

Carefully hang your artwork on the hooks. Before releasing the art, make sure you can feel the suspension and full weight of the art attached to the screws.

Step Seven: Use a level to verify that your workpiece is even

Place the level on top of the metal artwork. Look to see if the bubbles in the level indicate that the level is straight. Adjust your piece as needed until it's in a completely even position.


Now take a step back and admire how beautiful your new artwork looks in the room!

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