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How To Install A Garden Statue

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How To Install A Garden Statue

As the name suggests, gardens are mostly decorated with flowers and plants. But with only flowers and plants looking monotonous, a garden statue is the ideal focal point for your flower bed, rock garden or other designed landscaping area. From delicate to whimsical, small to large, you're sure to find the piece that best reflects your personality and the vibe you want to create. Animals, mythical creatures and religious figures, among other creations, are prevalent in the world of garden statues.


1. Determine where to place the statue.

The site should be perfectly level and you can level the ground with minimal work. The ideal location should also be easily accessible - many garden statues are heavy and need to be pushed rather than carried.

2. Measure the base of the statue to get a suitable base.

Choose a base that is slightly larger than the base of the statue. The base of the statue is made from materials such as poured concrete slabs and concrete patio blocks.

3. Outline the location of the statue's base on the ground.

Use string, a garden hose, or spray paint to mark the outline.

4. Use a sharp, flat-edged shovel to dig out the top 1 to 3 inches of soil within the outline.

Use a shovel to level the area as well. Place a level in the center to confirm the area is flat; continue digging and leveling until you have a flat surface.

5. Place the statue base on a flat area.

Place the statue in the center of the base and carefully lower it down.


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