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How to make a homemade candle?

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How to make a homemade candle?

If you're starting your own candle-making business, figuring out what kind of candles to make and sell is one of the most fun (and sometimes difficult) parts of the job. But making candles at home can be fairly simple, and as long as you plan carefully and use the right tools, your candle-loving clients will appreciate your addition to their home decor.

1. Prepare containers and supplies

You can buy a votive holder or a specific candle jar from a craft store, but an empty mason jar or even a tin can will work too. Just make sure you like the look of the container—most pour-over candles cannot be transferred from the container before burning.

Make sure the candle container is clean and dry, and place it on a flat surface. Keep wicks, essential oils, popsicle sticks, chopsticks, or other wick holders nearby.

2. Measure the amount of wax

Measure the amount of wax by pouring wax flakes or chips into the candle container (which acts as the candle mold). Since shavings take up more space than melted wax, use about two candle containers of shavings per candle.


3. Melt wax

Pour the wax scraps or flakes into a double boiler and slowly heat the wax, carefully stirring the melted wax with a spatula and grabbing any bits that rise from the edges of the pan.

Paraffin wax melts at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, soy wax melts at about 124 degrees Fahrenheit, and beeswax melts at about 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature.

4. Add your fragrance

If you're making scented candles, now's the time to get creative. You can use stand-alone fragrances (like Bergamot, Mandarin or Rosemary) with a scent, pre-mixed essential oils (like Sea Breeze or Apple Pie), or combine them on your own (like Rose Patchouli or Lavender Sage) Grass).

Some scented oils are specifically designed for candle making. For these, follow the instructions on the packaging. If you use essential oils, add 30 to 40 drops of oil per 8 ounces of candle. Slowly add the oil and stir with a spatula.

5. Place the wick

Place a wick in each candle container. Seal the wick to the center bottom of the jar by placing a drop of wax (or a drop of superglue) on the bottom of the wick and allowing it to dry in the bottom of the jar. For even burning, make sure the bottom of the wick is in the center of the container.

6. Stabilize the wick

Before pouring the wax, place two popsicle sticks on top of the jar, sandwiching the wick. This will keep the wick upright as the wax hardens. You can also use chopsticks, a pencil, or even a butter knife, just be careful not to drip too much wax on it during the process.

7. Pour wax

Carefully pour in the wax, filling the candle just below the top of the rim. Pour slowly to minimize air bubbles.

8. Clean up

Dry wax is difficult to clean. Wipe any drips of melted wax off your work surface or outside of your candle mold with a paper towel. You can use hot water to clean up hardened wax spills.


9. Wait for the candle to solidify

Soy candles will harden to room temperature in approximately four hours and be fully cured in three to four days. Paraffin candles cure faster (about two days), while beeswax candles take up to 10 days to fully cure. Once the candle is dry, you can remove the chopsticks and trim the wick.

If your candle has pitted or dented surfaces after it dries (usually caused by air bubbles rising during the drying process), heat the wax a little more and add a thin layer of wax on top.

10. Light your candle
Light them up and let them burn! Candles make great gifts or items for online stores and are a cost-effective way to create a beautifully lit, aromatherapy home.

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