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How To Make A Pet Toy at Home?

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How To Make A Pet Toy at Home?

Pet owners are well aware that when their dogs are bored, they may quickly resort to amusing themselves, such as chewing on off-limits household items. It's important to keep your dog mentally stimulated and physically active to burn off his energy and attention. One of the best ways to keep their brains active is through interactive play with toys.

Toys are a big expense, and many people may not have the extra budget to pay for them. Here are some of our DIY toy ideas that you can use to stave off boredom without spending a lot of money. DIY is more suitable for your own pets.


1. DIY snacks by putting them in food toys

Reuse plastic bottles. Dig holes in them, fill them with your dog's favorite treats, and watch your dog figure out how to get them out.

You can also use boxes that you usually don’t use. Fill it with treats (and toys!) and let your dog explore how to manipulate the package for rewards.

All it takes is a little creativity and imagination to keep our bored furry friends working on their food and keeping their minds sharp.

2.DIY chew toys

Make a tether ball toy. Take an old tennis ball and wrap it with a durable string. Knot the ends of the rope to prevent it from unraveling.

Make a scented chew toy. Soak old towels in pet-safe bone broth, freeze, and give them to your dog to chew.

Try knitting t-shirt toys. Cut an old shirt into strips, knit them together, and voila, you also have a fun tug toy for your dog.

Use strips of woven wool. Strips of wool that you can find in bargain bins make a simple chew toy. Knot one end, braid the pieces as tightly as possible, knot the other end, and voila!

Provides bored dogs with a satisfying and stimulating chewing experience and deters them from getting into mischief.

3.DIY agility toys

Use blankets, pillows, and plastic cups to create obstacles for your dog.

If your pup is shorter, place a broom between two chairs or add a jumping bar on top of the stool.

Place a ladder on the ground to improve your dog's gait and coordination.

Create an agility course using common household items and customize it to your dog's abilities. This boredom buster is perfect for dogs who love to run, jump, and play, and you can bond with your dog while keeping them occupied and stimulated!


4.DIY puzzle toys

Build a cardboard maze. Cut a cardboard box into a maze and place some snacks inside. Add obstacles and encourage your dog to find food in the maze.

Create a tennis puzzle. Cut a small hole in a tennis ball and fill it with treats. Bored dogs can enjoy the challenge of rolling and tossing the ball for a treat.

These toys for your dog are a great way to keep them busy and stimulate their thinking.

5.DIY sniffing toys

Give the muffin tin game a try. Fill each muffin cup with treats and cover them with tennis balls. Your dog must sniff and paw at the ball to get the reward below. To make it more challenging, you can leave some cups empty so your dog has to use his nose and brain to determine which cups contain treats.

Keep your dog busy with a treasure hunt to kill boredom. This engages their sense of smell and encourages them to find the source of the delicious smell.


DIY creativity uses the least amount of money to make simple toys, which can not only satisfy the dog's playfulness, but also exercise its intelligence. This seems like something very worthwhile!

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