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How To Personalize An Ornament?

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How To Personalize An Ornament?

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most special traditions of the holiday season, and creating personalized Christmas ornaments to commemorate a milestone or a special person in your life adds to the experience.  From engagements and new family members to small victories over personal obstacles, it’s all worth celebrating—and what better place than with your Christmas decorations?
With our range of shapes, sizes and materials you can create unique Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree in style.  Whether you want to add a touch of glamor to your tree with glitter or glass ornaments or create a rustic look with wooden ornaments, you can customize the perfect holiday ornament to fit your style and personality.  Learn how to create personalized Christmas decorations with these tips.

1. Choose your decoration material and style

Start by choosing the type of decoration you want to create.  We offer a range of materials and styles - from sleek and modern metallic Christmas ornaments to charming glitter ornaments and classic options such as snowflake and snow globe ornaments, glass cloches and more.  You'll also find a collection of unique templates to make your new holiday decorations fit your style.

2. Upload your favorite photo

Anything that sums up the joy and memories you've built over the past year will make a heartfelt, personalized ornament.  Whether you choose to highlight a single family photo or collage multiple photos together, we have design templates for every photo.


3. Customize your greeting

Choose from a variety of holiday, Christmas, New Year or religious greetings.  Popular holiday greetings include "Merry Christmas," "Joy," "Happy Holidays," "Peace on Earth," and "Cheers," or use your own holiday saying!  Edit the font size and style to ensure your entire message fits within the decoration.  You can also add custom text, such as your last name or the year of the photo you're showing.

4. Add decorations and pre-made designs

Once you've chosen your decorations and photos, it's time to have fun designing!  Our builder tool makes it easy to customize your photo decorations with text, pre-made designs, embellishments, and themed backgrounds.

5. Order your personalized decorations

Enjoy your holidays with brand new Christmas decorations and help celebrate the most important thing this Christmas.


Popular personalized jewelry styles

Here you'll find a variety of Christmas decoration styles to add a personal touch to your holiday decor.  From traditional designs to modern whimsical options, there's something for everyone.  We offer custom Christmas decorations, allowing you to add your own photos, names and special messages to make them truly unique.  Whether you prefer classic round ornaments, snowflakes, or odd-shaped ornaments like socks or snowballs, I'm sure we have a range of styles here to suit your taste.  With its high-quality materials, you can trust that your ornaments will be durable and beautifully crafted, adding a festive and sentimental touch to your tree year after year.

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