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How To Put Metal Print on A Wall?

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How To Put Metal Print on A Wall?

There are all sorts of suggestions out there about hanging metal art, so we’ll start by listing some methods you should definitely avoid.

First, don’t just rely on household adhesives. Any wall art made from metal will have a certain amount of weight. Therefore, double-sided tape or sticky putty won’t be enough to firmly support your metal art.

We also strongly recommend that you don’t drill holes into your metal composite sheet to screw it into place, as this will compromise the product’s sleek, borderless design. You may even compromise the structural integrity of your artwork.

Our Recommended Hanging Solutions


How to Hang Metal Art

Using aluminum pegboards is pretty straightforward. Designed for hanging small and medium formats, pegboards are a simple and clever solution for showcasing your metal wall art features.

Just follow these simple instructions and your print should be securely attached to almost any wall.

Clean the back of your print. Rub the area where the pegboard will go (we recommend the top center) with fine sandpaper. Then clean the area with a microfiber cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.

Position the pegboard. Without removing the pegboard’s release paper, place it on the back of your print and adjust the position until you’re satisfied. Then trace the outline of the peg with a pencil.

Remove the release paper. Peel the release layer off the peg. Make sure there is no dirt on the back of the print, then press the peg firmly into your chosen position.

Allow the adhesive to set. Lay the print on a flat surface and let the adhesive harden. We recommend waiting about 24 hours.

Install the rubber bumpers. Apply two adhesive bumpers (included in the kit) to the back of the print, near each bottom corner. They will protect your wall from scratch damage and hold your print in a vertical position.

Hang your print. Attach screws or hooks to the wall, then place the ridges on the back of the peg over the screws/hooks to support your print. That's it - you're done.

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