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Is It Expensive To 3D Print?

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Is It Expensive To 3D Print?

Many times we are often asked by customers: "How much does 3D printing cost?".

And our answer is always “it depends” because there are many factors that affect the cost of 3D printing. Based on these factors, we are unable to give a specific quotation because the cost of 3D printing depends on the actual product size and details.

"Send us a 3D model" is the second thing we tell our clients, after telling them "it depends." Without 3D modeling drawings, it can be difficult, even for experienced guys, to provide an accurate quote for 3D printing.


3D modeling diagrams provide us with important information that can help us reference 3D printing. Of course, if you can't provide anything, we will also be happy to help you design modeling drawings.

With the existing 3D modeling drawing, we can calculate the total volume of the model, including the generated supports. The total volume lets us know how much material is needed to 3d print your file.

Simply put, the bigger the volume, the higher the cost. There are several ways to reduce the cost of 3D printing, one of which is to hollow out the model.

If the 1-foot model is solid inside and the 3-foot model is hollow, the volume of the 3-foot model can be smaller than the volume of the 1-foot model.

That’s why it’s not easy to come up with an estimated price for 3D printing without a 3D model

Not all 3D models are created equal. Some are 3D printable, while others are just plain crazy. 3D printing requires preparation and planning. For some 3D printing services, everything is automated, which can make transactions faster. For simple products this may be the right solution.


But what about complex parts and building models? We found that even with the most sophisticated algorithms, some human guidance is still required when 3D printing such projects.

To put it simply, a client sent us a 3D model of an actual stadium. They wanted a 3D printed version of this. When we examined the file, we found multiple issues with the model. The seams are loose, the walls are too thin, and there are 3D models inside the stadium.

If we 3D printed it right away we would be wasting thousands of dollars of material! So at this time we need our designers to assist us and make actual modifications to these details through professional judgment, so that customers can reduce losses.

Through the analysis of this article, do you have a certain understanding of 3D printing costs? Generally, when a 3D company requires you to provide 3D modeling drawings, it is for accurate quotation. If you do not have the correct modeling drawings, you can seek their help. Each 3D company will be equipped with at least one professional designer, so that you can quickly Perfectly helping customers complete the 3D printing products they want.

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