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Is PVC Good for Statues?

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Is PVC Good for Statues?

You're thinking about ordering or pre-ordering your collectible statue. First of all, it's awesome! You're already imagining how amazing the statue you've been eyeing would look in your home, but what else do you need to know before placing your order? This is a hobby that requires an investment of time and money, so here are some things to consider when deciding to take the plunge.

1. Materials

In most cases, collectibles are made from one of two materials - PVC, the plastic used in most toys and household applications, and resin, a heavier molding material used for most high-end statues. There are also collectibles that include hybrid materials, including PVC and resin, as well as fabric and other materials, but let's talk about the two main materials first.

PVC is lighter and is perfect for applications like articulated action figures. Some products made with PVC include DC's collectible characters, bobbleheads, and articulated action figures, among others.

Resin is the material that gives high-end statues their statuesque feel. It's heavier than plastic, giving the collectible a solid, stone-like feel and balance. It allows for a lot of small surface and paint details. Generally speaking, resin collectibles are more expensive when they first go on sale, but they also maintain or even increase in value over time.

Also pay attention to how the collectible is painted. Look for close-up detail photography to ensure the quality of the paint details. All of our resin statues are hand-painted, and we try to show multiple views of the most impressive details in our product photography.


2. Editions and Variants

Also, as a rule of thumb, collectors value lower edition sizes. This means that what you own is rare and a true collector's item. A statue may be produced in multiple variations in different edition sizes. Some collectors prefer to paint their statues themselves. This is a time-consuming and very meticulous hobby, but there are some very creative collectors who make each statue their own.

3. Pre-order and Production Times

High-end collectibles have long production leads. Many first-time collectors are surprised by the lead time for pre-ordered statues. We do our best to produce and deliver products as quickly as possible, just like any other collectible brand, but the reality is - delays do happen. Most of the time, if there is even a small issue with the quality of the product, there will be a delay in the production timeline. Collectors are very demanding, and they have good reason to be. These items are expensive, and we want you to be amazed by the quality of the final product. If this takes longer, we are sure that you will be happier with your statue in the long run.


I hope you can buy the collection you like. Plastic statues are one of the best collections. They can be kept longer and are more popular. If you have any ideas for customization, you can let us know at any time and we will complete it together!

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