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Is Resin Statue Breakable?

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Is Resin Statue Breakable?

When it comes to movie characters or anime characters, we all have some favorite characters. The most enthusiastic among us are even addicted to buying collectible statues of the characters. We love collecting the best statues and showing them to our friends. But simply collecting your favorite sculptures isn't enough. Because you also have to take care of these precious collectibles or they will go to waste. If you're passionate about collecting statues and sculptures (especially resin sculptures), you'll also need to know how to protect them. No matter how powerful some of them may appear, statues of all types require protection.


What are the weaknesses of resin sculptures? Like other statue materials, resin has some weaknesses.

1. Flammable

 Dry resin is very flammable. May explode if exposed to heat or flame. Not to mention, heat can deform the shape of a resin statue.

2. Falls

An accidental fall may bend the shape of the resin sculpture, but it will not break.

3. Prevents falling

Resin is very fragile compared to bronze or marble. A serious fall can damage your resin statue. Even if it doesn't break, there's a good chance it's bent out of shape. A twisted statue can be just as heartbreaking as a broken one. So, to prevent your favorite statue from cracking or bending, store it in a safe place.

4. Cold Weather

Just like resin sculptures cannot withstand too much heat, cold weather is their enemy. Cold temperatures can cause cracks to appear on the surface of the statue.


You can find resin sculptures at many local gift shops, art stores, and more. You can even order online after selecting the product you want. There are many online stores selling resin bronze sculptures. Quanzhou Xingfeng Gengxin Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the best places for you to buy various statues and cultural relics. In addition to resin statues, we also sell other travel products made of resin, pet products, PVC plastic products, artificial plants, etc.

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