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What Are Artificial Flowers Called?

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What Are Artificial Flowers Called?

There are four main terms for synthetic flowers ...... artificial, fake, man-made and silk. Fake flowers is another general term for artificial flowers rather than grown flowers. Today they are almost always interchangeable. Savvy marketing teams around the world have found that if they call standard plastic flowers “silk flowers” they may benefit from the perceived higher quality ...... but this is not the case. I prefer to call them artificial flowers because they are technically made from a variety of materials and “artificial” sounds a little better than “fake”. But essentially, it's another general term for (you guessed it) flowers that have been made but not grown.

“Silk flowers” tends to imply higher quality stems, as silk is an expensive material that used to be used to make artificial flowers. In practice, however, you'll notice that even the worst quality fake flowers are called “silk”, so the term has lost much of its meaning.

The same applies to talking about the words “luxury” and “reality” ...... It's all a matter of marketing and perspective. In short - call them what you like.


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