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What Are Home Decorations Called?

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What Are Home Decorations Called?

If you are planning to renovate or just want to upgrade your space, you may see a lot of terms like home design, interior design, home decoration and renovation.

If all these terms are a bit confusing in your mind - don't worry - you are not alone. In fact, people who work in our industry often use these terms incorrectly. That's why we want to set the record straight once and for all.

Interior Design vs. Home Decoration

Interior design can be defined in countless ways. One of our favorites calls it "the art, science and business of planning creative, technical, sustainable and functional interior solutions that correspond to the architecture of a space". Moreover, if done well, interior design must also capture the style and aesthetics that meet the needs of a specific person. Another way to think about it is: if you flipped a house over, anything that would stay in place would be a product of interior design (hardware, appliances, windows, flooring, lighting, cabinets, tile, etc.).

There is much more to interior design than first impressions might suggest. In fact, interior designers work on a project from concept development and space planning to site inspection and design execution. So, what does it all mean? Essentially, interior design is about ensuring that a room, such as a kitchen, fulfills all of its designated purposes while also evoking a sense of beauty that brings a positive, healthy response to those who use or live in the space.


Home Decor – Short for home decor, interior decor includes items that make your home look beautiful through, you guessed it, decorative items. This can include a range of items such as furniture, art, plants, and accessories. Going back to the interior design analogy, home decor is all the things that wouldn’t stay in place even if you turned the room inside out. Home decor can be easily changed or updated to affect an existing space – pillows, bedding, lamps, furniture. Typically, you don’t need a professional to help you with your home decor – although many interior designers will be able to help you here as well.

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