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What Are The Drawbacks of Using An Artificial Holiday Tree?

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What Are The Drawbacks of Using An Artificial Holiday Tree?

Artificial Christmas trees can be placed in various areas, both indoors and outdoors. Its molding effect is good, and it can also be made into various styles, such as distressed, modern, etc., to meet the needs of different areas and styles. In the actual production process, the materials of artificial Christmas trees need to be matched according to different areas. So how should the materials of artificial Christmas trees be matched, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

1. Outdoor Christmas tree


1) The crown width and size of the simulated Christmas tree can be changed at will, without being restricted by the mold.

2) Simulated Christmas trees can be used for outdoor landscaping.


1) The real branches of the simulated Christmas tree are made by nailing them to the trunk, which are fixed and cannot be disassembled and assembled, so the packaging volume is large.

2) It is easy to deform if it encounters external force during transportation.

3) Due to manual production, there will inevitably be differences. If the customer returns the order or there are multiple pieces of the same style at one time, it is difficult to guarantee that the shape of each tree will be the same.

4) The installation process of each branch needs to be aligned with the number, which is time-consuming and laborious.

5) Logs need to be fumigated when shipped overseas, and some countries do not allow import.


2. Indoor Christmas tree


The simulated Christmas tree is not restricted by the mold, and the crown width and size can be changed at will.


Real rod materials cannot be used outdoors and can only be used for indoor landscaping.

The indoor environment should not be too humid, otherwise it is easy to breed moths, etc.

To achieve the best results in the design and production of simulated Christmas trees, it is necessary to adapt measures to local conditions. Consumers cannot make their own decisions and should listen to the opinions of simulated tree manufacturers.

Artificial trees are made from plastic and are often shipped around the world, so their carbon footprint is much higher. Plastic takes thousands of years to completely break down, so it's not that great for the planet.


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