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What Do Cats Like To Sleep On?

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What Do Cats Like To Sleep On?

If you are a cat owner, you know how much cats love to sleep. Most cats sleep up to 16 hours a day, and when it comes to choosing a place to sleep, most indoor cats prefer a specific sleeping spot.

According to animal behavior experts, cats like to sleep in places where they can easily escape in the event of danger and where they are warm and comfortable. Cats are vulnerable to injury while sleeping, and even though indoor cats don't live in the wild, their ancestors still determine where they sleep. Cats also like to sleep in small, enclosed areas because it makes them feel safe. Join us to learn more about where cats like to sleep and the five typical places they choose.

1. They love sleeping in your bed

It is estimated that about 34% of cats choose to sleep on their owner's bed or their own bed. They like a warm and cozy place, and your cat may choose to sleep under the covers with you. Your body temperature provides warmth, and your cat may enjoy the comfort of your bed and quilt. Some cats may sleep on a quilt while pressing their body against yours for added warmth. Some cats prefer to have their own cat bed, and having an enclosed cat bed for your particular feline may be ideal.


2. high places

Cats like to hang out in high places where they can observe everything from a safe distance. In the wild, cats prefer to hide from predators in high places, and domestic cats have inherited this behavior from their ancestors. Installing a cat stand is a great idea to give your cat more options of where to hang out and sleep. You can also provide your cat with a cat tree. Most cats like to sleep in cat trees, and if you are a cat owner, it is recommended to provide one for your cat.

3. Your legs

If your cat is close to you, don't be surprised if they prefer napping on your lap. The warmth and comfort of your lap is comforting, and some cats even enjoy the sounds your body makes. Your cat may feel safe on your lap or even sleep on your chest. If you don't mind letting your cat sleep on you, by all means, let them take a nap.

Having your cat sleep on you is a unique bonding experience that some cat owners will never experience if they have a fussy cat. Cats will change their chosen sleeping spot from time to time, so cherish the moment.


4. Enclosed space

Some cats prefer to sleep safely in an enclosed space, such as a cardboard box or even a bathroom sink. Paper bags are even a consideration. Any den-like structure will do. If you see your cat sleeping in an enclosed space, make sure they have an exit, as your cat won't choose an object if they feel unsafe, but it's still wise to monitor the situation.

5. With other pets in the home

If you have other pets in your home, such as dogs or other cats, your cat may choose to snuggle with them during nap time. Some cats may prefer to be part of a social group at home, and the warmth of your dog or other cats may be an ideal place. However, most cats are independent and some are downright aloof, so the situation will depend on your cat's personality.


in conclusion

All cats have their own personalities and preferences, especially when it comes to choosing a place to sleep. Most cats prefer a warm, cozy place, especially a sunny area or high place in your home. Your cat may choose to sleep in your bed, but if you can't get a good night's sleep with your cat, you may prefer to provide your cat with its own bed or a soft fleece blanket.

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