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What Do You Buy A Bored Cat?

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What Do You Buy A Bored Cat?

Just like you, cats can get bored. They need interaction throughout the day, but you can't always provide it. In fact, you may notice excessive grooming, scratching, or attention-seeking behavior that is a sign that they are bored, and you may be wondering how you can make more time to give your cat the attention she needs.

When cats are bored, they need more involvement. Providing them with engaging toys is a great way to stimulate their minds and bodies.

Most lists offer very specific toys for your cat, but cats all have different needs. That's why we've broken down the toys by type so you can figure out which type is best for your cat. While you don't need to purchase every type of toy on our list, you may find some cat toys that are perfect for your cat:


Interactive feeding toys:

These toys dispense treats or kibble while the cat plays. They encourage mental stimulation and physical activity as well as some entertainment as your cat takes on a challenge.

Feather Wands:

Cats love to chase and pounce on feather wands. These toys mimic the movements of birds, which is especially fascinating to felines.

Catnip Toys:

Many cats are attracted to catnip, and toys filled with catnip can provide hours of entertainment. Look for catnip mice, catnip balls, or catnip bags.


Small, light balls that your cat can bang around make for a simple but effective toy. Some have bells or jingles inside to add interest.

Interactive Laser Pointer:

A laser pointer creates a moving spot of light that cats love to chase. Make sure not to shine the laser directly into their eyes.

Tunnel toys:

Tunnel toys with multiple openings can be great places for cats to hide, play, and stalk "prey" (such as toys or your hand).

Cat trees and scratching posts:

These larger items not only provide entertainment but also opportunities for exercise and scratching.

Battery-operated toys:

Toys that move on their own, such as robotic mice or insects, can stimulate your cat's hunting instinct.

Interactive apps and games:

Some smartphone apps and video games are designed for cats to "hunt" virtual prey on touch-screen devices.

Toys that imitate prey:

Most toys require you to manipulate them to get a reaction from your cat, but the best cat toys for bored cats provide interaction purely through the power of the cat, like interactive bird simulation toys. You can use the suction cups to secure the toy securely to a solid floor or window, and your cat will use its hunting instincts to chase the birds.

Sisal Balls and Rats:

These toys are often made from natural materials like sisal and cats love to hit and chew on them.

Bouncy toys:

Toys that bounce unpredictably may interest your cat. Rubber balls or toys with springs can provide entertainment.

Catnip toys:

Some cats are very sensitive to toys containing catnip. Offering these toys occasionally can enrich the senses and bring excitement.

Stuffed Toys:

Soft, stuffed toys can provide comfort for your cat to cuddle or "bunny-kick" while playing.

DIY Toys:

Some cats are like children in many ways. You may find that some cats prefer the box the toy comes in rather than the toy itself. So try making DIY toys by repurposing items like cardboard boxes, paper bags, or empty toilet paper rolls. These will be equally attractive to your cat and will add variety to your toy collection.


Not all cats have the same preferences, so it may take some experimenting to find your feline friend's favorite toy. First, try toys that stimulate their instincts. You can help them avoid boredom by satisfying their natural needs, such as hunting.

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