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What Is A Cats Favourite Toy?

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What Is A Cats Favourite Toy?

Just like people and other animals, cats have their own personalities. The best cat toys may vary depending on your feline. You probably don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles to grab your cat’s attention. Sometimes it's as simple as finding the right size box for them to sit in.

So how do you find the best cat toys to please your cat owner? We did some research and here are the toys that our favorite felines get swatted at, pounced on and chased around. From feather dancers to catnip toys, lasers and more, these are our cats' favorite toys.

pet turbine scratching post

This cat toy is placed in a conspicuous place in the center of the living room. Cats like it very much and must play with it every day (it is best not to move it easily).
In fact, they can push the ball down the track from any position - prone, handstand and the favorite, the jump attack - keeping them entertained for hours. Its usually favorite part is the scratchy part in the middle. There are actually cat toys everywhere in the house, but this toy is their favorite. What’s even better is that these plugins are really cheap and you can use them for a few months before your current one wears out. As a reward, you can sprinkle catnip on the cardboard scratcher to keep them entertained and encourage them to come back and scratch there instead of on your couch.

Comfortable and climbable cat tree

There are many cat trees on the market to choose from. They are often bulky, covered in carpets, and generally do not fit well with any other decor. But don’t rule out that there are some cat furniture out there that are pretty awesome. The pieces feature a modern wooden design with high-quality rope grab posts, rug mats and hanging ball toys. They come in many colors, sizes, and configurations, and my cat is obsessed with them. They are also very durable and have withstood years of abuse from my two cats with minimal wear and tear.


Irresistible catnip

Cats are so addicted to catnip because the chemicals it releases will anesthetize the cat's nervous system. Once the cat touches catnip, it will bind to the receptors on the nose, thereby stimulating brain neurons and activating the substances involved in regulating reward and appreciation. The fast-response nervous system makes cats excited, just like heroin and morphine make humans intoxicated. A recent study published in Science Advances found that in addition to giving cats pleasure, these substances are also highly effective mosquito repellents that can protect cats from mosquito bites.


The above three are relatively practical cat toys. Of course, other small toys for killing boring time are not excluded. We are a company integrating industry and trade and have developed a variety of pet toys. We will continue to work hard on development, and customers are very welcome to customize their own pet toys.

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