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What is the purpose of a sculpture garden?

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What is the purpose of a sculpture garden?

Adding art sculptures to your private grounds can add sophistication and interest.  Best of all, you'll instantly become the talk of the town when you host your next garden party.

The benefits of introducing artistic statues into your landscaping don’t end there.  Read on to learn the top 5 reasons why you should have a garden statue on your property!

1.As design inspiration

As you research garden statues, consider choosing one before transforming your garden.  Choosing a sculpture first can help you determine your priorities.  Do you want a manicured space or one with lush vegetation?

Do you prefer a modern aesthetic, or would you like to create a whimsical garden retreat?  Start by mapping out your design preferences and color scheme.  Then decide whether a wildlife, Western or figurative sculpture will best fulfill your vision.

You may also want to consider a bronze fountain to add some classic elegance to your landscaping.  Depending on your setting, choose a fountain with playful children or a classic nude.

2. Commemorate important people and events

Garden statues are a great way to commemorate a family member, pet or hero.  For example, an eagle statue is an ideal way to honor military personnel or create a sense of patriotism among red, white, and blue flowers.

A sea life statue may symbolize your upbringing in a coastal town or favorite beach.  Add a small fountain and some wind chimes nearby to create a seaside feel.

Animal sculptures can be beautiful reminders of your favorite family pets.  Placing these figurines along pathways throughout your garden will provide the perfect setting to commemorate their playful personalities.


3. Serve as a focal point in landscaping

While you may have some prominent flower beds in your garden, what ties these spaces together?  A bronze sculpture can be the focal point your garden needs.

Life-size statues lining an entryway or garden path create a homely feel, while peacocks welcome guests to a vibrant space.

Why not place an animal sculpture of an elk or wildcat in an open meadow, or place a life-size galloping horse in an open area to add a sense of interest to a transitional or open area.

In a smaller garden, a horse standing on its hind legs can add a sense of height, while a heron on the outer edge of a garden pond or a flock of crows under a pear tree can add a sense of life and movement.  Bronze sculptures provide lovely punctuation to any size garden.

4. As a unique topic

Art statues can serve as instant conversation starters.  Whether your work sparks discussion about your inspiration, passion or aesthetic, it will inevitably leave a lasting impression on your guests.

5. Professional customization and installation

While the idea of a garden sculpture sounds appealing, the process of purchasing one can be intimidating.  However, working with a reputable professional ensures the custom results you envisioned, complete with professional delivery and installation.


Add statues to enhance your garden

Introducing bronze statues can enhance any outdoor setting.  When you're ready to spruce up your garden with the perfect statue, contact us for help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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