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What Is A Polyresin Statue?

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What Is A Polyresin Statue?

What is a resin statue?

Resin is best described as a "plastic".  This is cheaper to produce and more robust.  Since it can be used from liquid to solid, it is more suitable for mass production.  On the downside, these statues are quite heavy.  These statues are more consistent in design than polyester statues.  But most resin statues are also hand-painted.  Therefore, paint may vary.

What is a polyester statue?

Polyester is best described as "a mesh."  The artist layers different layers of this "grid" on top of each other.  Each layer becomes stronger.  They use molds to create continuity.  The mold consists of two parts, the left side of the statue and the right side of the statue.  When there is enough "grid" on both sides and cured, they will stick together.  When they are glued together, the structure of the statue is completed.  Thereafter, each statue was painted by hand.  The shape of each statue is the same (because of the mold), the painting varies due to handwork.


Similarities Between Polyester and Resin

The end result showed that there are some similarities between the two materials.  Color may vary between the two.  There will always be controversy if this is through a different "paint bath" or through storage.  To be fair, in most cases it's impossible to really know.  Another similarity is that storage method is very important.  In conditions that are too hot or too cold, these statues can crack or even break completely.  With resin statues, cracks often develop if stored in the wrong conditions.

Because of this, sometimes restoration of these statues is inevitable.

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