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What Is A Vinyl Toy?

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What Is A Vinyl Toy?

Many designers, musicians, cartoonists, and artists enjoy making vinyl toys to showcase their personalities and reflections on life, so before you learn how to make vinyl toys, I want to introduce you to vinyl.

what is vinyl

Vinyl is the "V" in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is simplified to make it easier for people to remember, so vinyl is often used as the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the many materials in plastics.

The meaning of vinyl toys

Vinyl toys are toys made of vinyl. It also refers to a process of producing toys. Due to the unique manufacturing process, vinyl toys are added with other raw materials. The inside of the toys made by this process It is hollow, light weight, and feels a little soft. Just like the popular little yellow duck toys around the world, vinyl toys are not just toys, they can also be works of art and collectibles.


How to Make Vinyl Toys

If you just want to make a vinyl toy, it's much easier than making a large batch because it eliminates a lot of the steps. You only need to use software to create a 3D model, use professional design software to design it, and then use a 3D printer to print out the 3D model you made. Now 3D printing technology is very advanced and mature, and the cost has been reduced a lot. For individual players, this Good news indeed. Finally, the model is polished, excess printing marks are removed, and the model is colored. A vinyl toy is successfully produced.

How to mass produce vinyl toys

Mass production of vinyl toys is for customers with business needs (customized vinyl toys). For mold manufacturing and cost efficiency, the minimum order quantity should be 300 vinyl toys, and the unit cost of a vinyl toy is lower than making one vinyl toy. Glue toys So why is the manufacturing process of vinyl toys so complicated, but its manufacturing cost is not too high. The more of the same type of vinyl toys produced, the lower the unit cost. So if you're wondering how to make vinyl toys in a factory, here's how VW makes vinyl toys.

Mold making

Due to the production of a large number of vinyl toys, a certain number of vinyl molds need to be made for production. For example, to produce 1,000 vinyl toys, 6 vinyl molds are needed. The wax-like molds are put into the electrolytic cell for batch electroplating. Plating on wax models, i.e. vinyl molds.


vinyl molding

Stir the liquid PVC evenly, use an injection gun to inject the liquid PVC into the vinyl mold, then put the vinyl mold into the furnace for high-temperature heating, keep rotating so that it is heated evenly, then take it out to cool, open the vinyl mold and take out the vinyl Toy. PVC material is a thermosetting material. At a certain temperature (usually 250-280 degrees Celsius), liquid PVC will solidify into a model after 6-10 minutes.

spray paint

It can be divided into full spray painting or partial spray painting, usually the same color is painted on the same part. It's faster to paint in batches rather than painting them one by one.

pad printing

An automated pad printing machine is used to color vinyl toys, usually for parts of various colors or parts such as eyes and eyebrows. The staff only needs to take the uncolored toys to the machine and remove the colored toys. .

hand coloring

For some details, it is difficult to achieve depth by spray painting and pad printing. We will use hand painting. You don't have to worry about the quality of the hand painting effect because our staff are all trained in professional spray painting.


Once the coloring of the vinyl toys is completed, we will assemble and package the vinyl toys in customer-designed color boxes with a "Made in China" label. We can produce packaging cartons according to the packaging design files provided by customers.

After each step above is completed, we will check its quality to ensure that every step meets the quality requirements, and for problematic vinyl toys, we will return them for re-making.

If you have needs for customized vinyl toys, you can contact us. We are a Chinese manufacturer specializing in customizing vinyl toys for foreign customers. We have produced vinyl toys for many famous toy companies.

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