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What Is DIY And Crafts?

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What Is DIY And Crafts?

In recent years, the popularity of handmade DIY has continued to rise, and various imaginative creative crafts have emerged in an endless stream. And through the spread of the Internet, more people have realized the meaning and value of handmade DIY creation. Handmade production has also gradually shown a trend of life style, and handmade DIY production has become a daily life hobby for some people. However, the field of handmade DIY is progressing, new handmade DIY production models and methods are emerging in endlessly, and the handmade DIY silicone mold making process has also appeared in people's eyes.


The silicone mold is a handmade DIY creative mold that can be used to make various items of different styles with one mold. Various crafts are made by using liquid solidifying materials such as glue resin or paraffin. The silicone mold is entirely made of environmentally friendly silicone, with exquisite workmanship. The handmade DIY silicone mold is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy, and the material is temperature-resistant, tough, tear-resistant and has good restoration properties. The entire mold is made of transparent silicone. The molding accuracy is high and the mold can be turned over many times. It can be recycled, saving resource costs and being environmentally friendly. Products made from molds have an exquisite appearance, are very suitable for collection at home, and are practical and beautiful.

For example, this DIY silicone mold for crystal flowerpots can be used to make flowerpots made of crystal glue resin. Indoor planting is an art, plants are the embodiment of art, and flowerpots are containers that carry art, and a good flowerpot can be the icing on the cake. Handmade DIY potted silicone molds can achieve complete DIY creation and privately customized flower pots.

Handmade diy creations can be operated at home. The simple answer is easy to get started. Silicone molds are used to make glue crafts. Glue resin is usually used as raw material. After glue mixing and color matching, it is poured into the mold, and then some small objects are added to the mold. It can be taken out after medium solidification. The operation is extremely simple, and the items produced are exquisite and beautiful. The one-time handmade DIY silicone mold making method is also loved by many craftsmen.


The development of handmade DIY silicone molds has further developed the handmade DIY production market. The unique production techniques of handmade products have the characteristics of artistry, practicality, environmental protection and energy saving, and high-value ornamental collections, making handmade DIY production more popular among more people. . It also makes the handmade DIY market continue to grow and develop, and various DIY handmade entrepreneurial projects emerge one after another. Deyiyang has enough advantages and hopes that more people with lofty ideals can realize their dreams.

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