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What Is Resin Used in Crafts?

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What Is Resin Used in Crafts?

Resin handicrafts refer to various works of art made with resin as the main raw material and through certain technological methods. Resin handicrafts are simple to make, have realistic shapes, excellent texture, and are affordable. They have become the main material for various home furnishings, craft gifts, etc. today. Next, we will introduce in detail how to make crafts with resin.

1. Select resin materials

Resin materials mainly include inorganic resin and organic resin. Inorganic resins such as cement, gypsum, ceramics, etc., organic resins such as acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, etc. Normally, we choose organic resin as the main raw material for handicrafts because it is light in texture, easy to polish and shape, and has good appearance.

2. Making molds

To make resin crafts, you first need to make a mold. According to the design draft, you can choose to use engraving, sand pressing, sculpture and other methods to make it. For complex or large-scale works, advanced equipment such as digital laser engraving can be used to create precise models.


3. Pouring resin

Pour liquid resin into the mold, and then wait for the resin to solidify naturally in the mold. During this process, the resin will solidify according to the shape of the mold, forming the basic form of the handicraft.

4. Surface treatment

After the resin crafts are made, the surface needs to be polished, cleaned, and released with a release agent. First, polish the surface with sandpaper to remove burrs and defects; then use detergent to clean the surface of grease to ensure adhesion of subsequent colors; and finally apply a thin layer of release agent to make it easier to release. 


5. Coloring and Decoration

Coloring resin crafts is to increase their artistic expression. Crafts can be colored by hand painting, spraying or air brushing. Specific color matching, outline details, etc. can be adjusted according to design requirements. Some handicrafts also need to be inlaid with various decorations on the surface, such as jewelry, crystals, metal sheets, etc., to increase their ornamental value and unique artistic style.


6. Coating protective layer

Finally, in order to protect the surface and color of the resin crafts, a transparent protective layer needs to be applied. This protective layer can prevent oxidation, fading and other problems caused by exposure to air over time.


Through the above simple steps, the resin handicraft is completed. Due to its material characteristics and production process, resin handicrafts have strong artistic modeling capabilities and rich color expression, and are widely used in commercial gifts, home decoration, cultural derivatives and other fields. Through continuous research on the design and production techniques of resin handicrafts, traditional art will be given new forms of expression and connotation, inspiring people's love and pursuit of art.

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