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What Is The Difference between Fresh And Artificial Flowers?

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What Is The Difference between Fresh And Artificial Flowers?

Flowers are a must-have for spring home decor, but for many families, they last even longer.

While we love the scent of fresh flowers, buying a bouquet every week is neither economical nor sustainable. More and more home decorators and interior designers are looking to quality artificial flowers to create bouquets and arrangements that will last for years.

If you love the look of fresh flowers but don’t want to spend a fortune updating them and keeping your flowers and greenery fresh year-round, artificial flowers are the way to go. They are made to resemble real flowers, have all the visual qualities and charm of real flowers, but last for years without fading, wilting, or dying.

Artificial flowers have a personal touch, are beautiful, long-lasting, and can be changed out seasonally.


Aren’t Fake Flowers Tacky?

Artificial plants and flowers have long had a reputation for being plastic and tacky. You don’t have to believe it.

Sure, the fake flowers you buy at your local Walmart may look a little plasticky. They’re cheaply made and inexpensive, and while that’s fine in some cases, when it comes to home decor, you want the flowers to look and feel real.

You can use fake flowers, but be sure to buy quality products. Spend a little more and have them handmade, with more details and better done. It's the only way to go, especially when you're showing your home to friends, family, and guests. They shouldn't be able to tell the difference between fake and real flowers, and by shopping in the right places first, you can avoid this problem to a great extent.

How do you decorate with fake flowers?

Once you have the right fake flowers in your hands, it's time to assemble them into the most beautiful artificial floral arrangement.

Presentation is the most important thing! This is where you can set your own style and aesthetic rules and avoid a lot of the tacky things that came with artificial plants in the past. How you present them determines whether your flowers look real or not. Here are some tips you can use.


Look for realistic colors that aren't too saturated or look unreal.
Avoid any flowers that have a plastic look. Artificial plants shouldn't look like plastic when the light hits them.
Rotate your flowers according to the seasons to make sure you don't get tired of them.
Artificial flower stems are flexible. This allows you to mold them into realistic shapes without damaging them.
You may want to mix in some real flowers, nesting them in the artificial floral arrangements you already have, resulting in the scent of real flowers and a beautiful combined display.
Find a very good quality vase or container to hold your flowers. By changing the pots, you can dramatically change the look of your bouquet. Combined with other decorations around the flowers, you can create a unique look for each season.

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