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What Is The Meaning of Pet Tag?

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What Is The Meaning of Pet Tag?

Dog tags, cat tags, pet ID tags or pet tags are small, flat tags worn on your pet's collar or harness.

Humane societies and rescue groups recommend that dogs and cats wear these tags, which indicate the wearer is not a stray and include information so people who encounter a lost pet can contact the owner. In the UK, dog owners are required by law to ensure their dogs wear ID tags, even if the dog is microchipped (also required by UK law).

The tag may make noise when the animal moves. Collar mounting tags slide on or rivet flat onto the collar surface and are silent. Tag silencers can reduce noise by encapsulating loose tags in small neoprene bags or soft rubber plastic rings around the edge of the tag.

Military identification tags are known as dog tags due to their similarity to this display method.

Labels are made from a variety of materials.

Metal tags often have information embossed, engraved, or stamped on their surface. Characters created by embossing or engraving are made by removing some of the surface of the label and are usually not as deep as stamped characters, which are made by stamping the label with a metal die. As a result, stamped labels are generally more durable than engraved labels, although some drag engraving and laser engraving methods may be deeper or even deeper than the stamped versions.


Plastic chips can be etched or printed, come in a variety of colors, and are highly reflective for increased nighttime visibility. Some plastics are sensitive to UV rays, and the color and even composition can fade over time. ABS plastic is one of the most durable pet ID tags available.

Some labels use sublimation to print images and artwork onto aluminum labels. The image is permanent and resistant to fading and wear. 3D printing is also used to create labels from a variety of materials.

Common metals used for pet tags are aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Aluminum (2.5 times lighter than stainless steel) is by far the least durable of the three. Brass is a soft metal and not as durable as any kind of stainless steel. It may also lose its luster and turn green. Harder metals are more likely to retain their engraving after wear.


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