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What Is The Most Common Material for Statues?

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What Is The Most Common Material for Statues?

5 common sculpture materials

Stainless steel

Stainless steel sculptures are durable due to their hardness and corrosion resistance. This also means that the sculpture will be quite heavy and sturdy compared to other materials. Stainless steel sculptures may cost more due to their superiority. Our stainless steel sculptures are marine grade, which means they can withstand corrosion even in salt water. View the stainless steel sculpture here.


The material bronze has been used in the creation of sculptures for centuries. Bronze is made by melting copper and tin together, which are blended together to make them less brittle—the perfect combination for creating bronze sculptures. View the bronze sculpture here.



Wood carvers use knives or chisels to carve wood to create statues or even figurines; a disadvantage compared to materials like bronze and stone is that it has a shorter lifespan in outdoor environments because it is more susceptible to damage from rot or fire.


A metamorphic rock derived from limestone that is readily used by sculptors. As marble ages, it becomes more durable and remains hard, giving it a long-lasting effect. Harder marble is an advantage because it is weather-resistant, so you can use your sculpture outdoors. View the marble sculpture here.

Weathering steel

This weathering steel makes it a perfect choice for outdoor sculptures. When exposed to the atmosphere, Corten steel will begin to rust like regular steel if not painted. Soon, however, the alloying elements in the weathering steel form a protective surface layer of fine rust, inhibiting the rate of corrosion.


Are you looking to purchase quality sculptures? Our company sells quality sculptures from award-winning artists around the world. We have a variety of high-quality sculptures to choose from, including bronze sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, and more! Please feel free to consult online.

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