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What Is The Purpose of Pet Toys?

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What Is The Purpose of Pet Toys?

Toys are more than just a little fun for your pet. They prevent them from getting bored and causing trouble in your home, such as scratching furniture or digging up your garden. Providing your pets with the right chew and play items can help keep them excited, entertained, happy, and healthy.

There are tons of pet toys to choose from on the market, but dog toys that are safe, non-toxic, and provide physical exercise, mental stimulation, social interaction, and other health benefits are generally best for pets.


Why are they so useful for your four-legged friend? ——Benefits of pet toys

1. Exercise

Dogs need to get enough exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. Toys such as balls that can be thrown and caught are great for keeping your dog active and can provide exercise for you and your pet.

2. Mental stimulation

All dogs need mental stimulation and physical exercise, without it they can become destructive and disobedient.

3. Bonding

Play time is a positive way to bond with your pet. Games like tug of war are interactive ways to spend quality time together, and if you have multiple dogs, toys can also be a great way to promote bonding between your pets.

4. Dental Health 

Dental hygiene is extremely important to your dog’s health, and using toys that clean their teeth while playing will keep your pet excited and healthy.


How do you usually clean dog toys?

1. Hard toys

Start by cleaning dry, hardened debris and dirt from hard toys with a brush. Then wash your dog's toys with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. You can also disinfect toys with bleach diluted in water. Make sure your dog's toys are completely dry before letting your dog play with them.

2. Plush and rope toys

Plush toys can easily harbor mold and bacteria. To keep them clean, brush off any dry dirt before sterilizing them in a dishwasher (if you have one). Place the toys on the top rack and run the machine on the heat cycle using very hot water and strong water pressure to clean. If you don't have a dishwasher, wash them in your washing machine on the hot cycle. Then let the stuffed toy air dry.


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