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What Toys Do 8 Week Old Puppies Like?

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What Toys Do 8 Week Old Puppies Like?

At 8 weeks old, puppies are ready to leave their mother and siblings and join your family. Your first priority is to meet its basic needs of eating, drinking, sleeping and playing. During this period, your puppy will also become increasingly curious about his surroundings, so this is the perfect time to start teaching him all the necessary knowledge and skills!

1. Before bringing your dog home, make sure it is safe for him to live there.

The puppy will try things it shouldn't. It is difficult to stop such a small dog from doing this kind of behavior, and it is impossible to keep an eye on it. Before bringing your puppy home, make sure there are no dangers in your home.


2. Prepare a bed for your puppy.

The place where your puppy sleeps at night must be comfortable. In order for the puppy to sleep now and when it grows up, the bed prepared for it must be large enough. For example, large dogs need a bed of 1.2 meters x 1.2 meters or even larger. There should be no drafts in the place where the bed is placed to ensure that the puppy can sleep warmly on the new bed. You can also put the bed in the dog house, but be sure to measure the dimensions to make sure the bed will fit inside. If you don’t want to spend money on a bed, you can take out a few blankets and use them as beds for your dog. Stack them to give your dog a soft place to sleep.


3. Choose the right teething toys for your puppy.

Puppies that are 8 weeks old still have baby teeth. Dogs need to grind their teeth as their deciduous teeth fall out and permanent teeth grow in. Make sure it has enough regular toys and appropriately sized cowhide bones. Place some in every room your dog has access to.

If the dog chews something that cannot be chewed, take out its toy or bone, get close to it, say "no" seriously, take away the thing it is chewing, and give it the toy or bone again. When your dog starts chewing its own toys, praise it promptly. If you don't give your puppy something to chew on, he will find it on his own. Chewing can help relieve toothache and is important for your puppy.


4. Go to the pet hospital to vaccinate and deworm the puppy.

Before 4 months of age, puppies need vaccinations every 2 to 3 weeks, during which time they also need to be dewormed. After bringing your puppy home, contact the nearby pet hospital as soon as possible to make an appointment for services.


5. Purchase heartworm prevention medication for your puppy.

Heartworm prevention is important for puppies and dogs of all ages and should begin when they are young. Contact your veterinarian to purchase heartworm medication for your puppy. Dogs of any age can contract heartworm disease from mosquito bites, and once infected, it can be life-threatening, so prevention is crucial!


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