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What toys make dogs happy?

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What toys make dogs happy?

Today, there are so many types of dog toys that it can be hard to choose which toy to buy. Where do you start? What is fun and educational for your dog? All pet owners face these questions when considering buying a dog toy for the first time, and it can be hard to find the answers. Below you’ll find a simple guide we’ve put together to help you get started choosing the best dog toys.


Many pet owners wonder if there is a "best" dog toy: a single, universal toy that will entertain their dogs while also challenging them and helping to develop their skills. While there are a variety of toys available today, there is no best dog toy. Every dog likes different toys.

Additionally, different dog toys are useful for different dogs. Some dogs like a lot of play and exercise, so toys that require running, chasing, or pulling are the best toys for them. Other dogs, especially smaller dogs, are more indoor animals and may prefer toys that don't require them to move around as much.

Every dog has a different personality, and you should try to find dog toys that suit their personality. Finding your dog's favorite toy can take a while and may require a lot of play time. However, it will be easier to understand their interests if they have several to choose from.

Types of dog toys


These have proven to be a favorite with dogs. If your dog is young and teething, you can choose a soft plush ball; if your dog is older, you can choose a tennis ball with a slightly harder outside.

rope toys

This dog toy comes with a string that your dog can chew on. You can hold the other end of the toy and start the tug of war. Dogs love these toys and they fit their natural play style.

stuffed toys

These toys are soft, which means they are safe and protect your dog's mouth. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Dogs will become very attached to these dog toys!


chew toys

Even if your dog has teeth, it's natural to want to chew. Dog chew toys ensure they have something safe to chew on, not your couch or bed. These dog toys come in many shapes: sticks, ropes, bones, animal shapes, rings, etc. Some dogs are great chewers, while others are not. These dog toys come in varying levels of durability to accommodate your dog's chewing abilities.


food box dog toy

These toys include treats for your dog. They can be filled with your dog's favorite treats. Your dog then has to figure out how to use the toy to get the reward. It ensures hours of fun for them as they twist, turn and chew the toy to get to tasty treats.


brain game

These toys can challenge your dog's brain and help stimulate him. They can be physical toys or video games for your dog. They teach your dog coordination and help develop their intuition.

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