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Why Are Artificial Flowers So Expensive?

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Why Are Artificial Flowers So Expensive?

It may seem unbelievable that artificial flowers are more expensive than real flowers, but some well-made artificial flowers do cost more (or even much more) than real flowers. For decades, fake flowers were considered very cheap. One of the reasons we form this impression is that sellers used to decorate the furniture or model homes they were selling with cheap, well-made plastic flowers (you know, to keep costs down). But now, advances in production techniques have made artificial flowers look and feel real. And price is “price.”

Why are artificial flowers more expensive than we think?

Speaking of some not-so-cheap artificial flowers, one of them has to be one of those that has real texture. To make fake flowers look and feel less like some cheap plastic, the industry found ways to make things that mimic the real look of natural plants. But that wasn't enough, so we tried to create a real smell and then a real touch.

In order for fake flowers to have the same look, feel and texture as real flowers, special materials are required. PU foam, latex, silicone and other polymers are used to produce flowers with a real touch. This results in increased raw material costs.

The larger portion comes from labor costs. Low-quality artificial flowers only require assembly line production. Assemble the petals, dye them as you like, glue them to the stems, and that's it, you're done. But this is not the case with natural flower growth. Each head on a cluster of flowers is different, and the petals are different from each other. Other factors, such as the petals may be gradient and the stems should be covered in spines, all make a true touch flower more difficult to create. To make each artificial flower the exact same shape and color as a natural flower requires high-tech labor (and longer production times).


Are artificial flowers worth buying now?

I would say yes. There are certain occasions where flowers are not an option for a number of reasons. Generally, the flowering period of a flower is only 3-30 days, during which time it will wither and deform. This limits its use in commercial activities. Businesses such as photography, graphic design, and home improvement require flower arrangements that have an authentic look and long-term durability. Realistic artificial flowers become a perfect choice for them, reducing costs in the long run.

For home use and home decoration, artificial flowers overcome the problems of seasonality and wilting. It allows you to enjoy your favorite flowers in their best colors and shapes at any time of the year.

In some specific occasions, artificial flowers also have unique advantages. For example, outdoors, palm tree trunks can easily fall off and injure pedestrians. Woody plants close to fire sources may be the cause of fire accidents.

And artificial flowers have its own process. People may find themselves tired of looking at the same flower for long periods of time because artificial flowers won't fade and wilt. But if you want some specific floral decorations to match a permanent part of your house, fake flowers may be a good choice. So if you are thinking of buying some authentic looking and touching flower arrangements for your home or other purposes, come to us and we will offer them at the best prices you can find.


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