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Why Are Artificial Plants So Expensive

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Why Are Artificial Plants So Expensive

What makes artificial plants so expensive?

For anyone who has done some research, whether you are an interior decorator, home designer, or just passionate about plants, you probably already know that fake flowers can be very expensive. There are several reasons behind the cost, and once you understand why, you'll begin to appreciate the effort that goes into making these beautiful alternatives.

Production material

The cost for consumers to purchase artificial plants depends largely on the quality of the materials used. For example, artificial flowers made from foam or cheap plastic are generally less expensive than those made from silk, satin, polyester, and high-grade polyethylene. Generally speaking, the more natural artificial flowers appear, the better the effect.

Requires additional skills

Today's lifelike artificial greenery requires skilled labor and attention to detail to mirror their natural cousins. They require complex and detailed designs that are often researched and handcrafted. Manufacturing using high-quality silk materials also requires additional skills and talent. The time and effort required to design such a plant is one of the reasons for the higher cost.



Plant stores often justify selling artificial plants at higher prices. This starts to make sense when you consider the various expenses involved in your business. Some fake plants are imported. In addition, there are costs such as transportation fuel surcharges, gas charges, storage and packaging costs. Special care should also be taken into consideration when sourcing and providing quality plants to consumers. Selecting, selecting and selling quality products requires expertise.


There is no doubt that fake flowers last longer than real flowers. Artificial plants and flowers will not fade. If you only need flowers for a one-time event, this may not be an important factor. However, when decorating your home or office, you need to consider long-term value. Likewise, silk plants can be used multiple times and can even be rotated and stored. Unlike natural plants, fake flowers can be removed after several years and still look fresh when used.


Easy to maintain

You don’t need to remember to water your artificial plants. You don't need special lighting or soil. Additionally, you don’t need to monitor air temperature or humidity. Another favorable factor is that their fabrics can be washed and dried. Maintaining the original look of the flowers with minimal effort is a huge benefit of fake plants.

Despite the high cost, there are many benefits to purchasing fake plants. If you want an eco-friendly option or you have a major event coming up, you may prefer to use fake flowers instead of real flowers. Some interior decorators and event designers rely on artificial plants and flowers to decorate their spaces.

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