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Why Are Candles Special?

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Why Are Candles Special?

Candles have always held a unique place in our society, and as such they represent an incredible connection that goes back to our past. Candles emanate messages of romance, passion, security, warmth, hope, spirituality, mystery, and more in a very unique way. Candles are truly an example of combustion where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – even though they are just a bit of wax and a wick. Deeply rooted in nearly every religious and spiritual practice, faith, and people, there is something strange and symbolic in the solitary flame and the aura that surrounds it. It speaks to our souls. It transcends words. It is something ineffable in the flame of a candle. It enlightens, enlivens, inspires, whispers secrets, comforts, and ultimately connects. No matter how thick the darkness, the light of a single candle conquers it. No matter how lonely a flame may be, it is never alone or lonely, for its light knows no boundaries and touches eternity. People of all faiths, all walks of life, and every creed have come together for candlelight vigils to mourn, pray, or celebrate. Candles are an important part of our identity, and they play a major role in both our collective and individual consciousness.


Although we live in the modern age of technological revolution, and have benefited from the miracle of electric lighting for a century, few of us have not come into contact with candles. From the first flame on a birthday cake, when candles were introduced as magical mediums to help us fulfill our wishes, to every possible ritual and social initiation ritual, rite of passage, or entertainment lubricant, candlelight has been our constant companion. Our initial fascination with birthday candles is a precursor to our belief that magic and candles naturally go together. The symbolism of birthday candles is not the only candle symbolism we are exposed to from childhood. No matter what religion we are born into, there are sanctuaries and special places where candles are lit to pray for health, protection, blessings, and the deep remembrance of the departed. Candles are believed to connect people to the gods and the departed. They carry our messages beyond the boundaries of the visible and material worlds. In candlelight, the material and spiritual worlds meet.


In our daily lives, candles are the catalyst of choice for special moments, whether we need a romantic dinner (candlelight is essential), a "relaxing" scented candle bath, or just a glance of physical and spiritual warmth on a cold winter night. In our modern, electrically lit world, the popularity of candles has skyrocketed. Candles now come in a wider variety of colors, improved production methods, and more delightful and exotic scents than our ancestors could have imagined. Essential oil candles are also more widely used in homes due to the popularity of aromatherapy.

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