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Why Do Dogs Cry When Carrying A Toy

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Why Do Dogs Cry When Carrying A Toy

Do you suddenly catch your otherwise happy puppy spending all day with his toys, purring? She whimpered and cried, sounding pathetic. And you're not sure what it requires. When you pick up the toy and play with it for a few minutes, it temporarily stops crying. But after you left, she returned to her puppy sobs. Why are you crying?

root of behavior

Your dog may cry because he's sad, but there's more to it than that. If she grabs her favorite toy and complains, she's probably trying to tell you something. She may be faking her pregnancy, she may think the toy is valuable and want to play with it, or she may want to hide it but can't find the right place. A recently neutered dog may see herself as a surrogate mother for a toy or think she is pregnant. Dogs experiencing hormonal changes may feel the need to take care of certain things or build a nest. The toy becomes her puppy and she takes care of it. She would lie next to it and cry. This is not true, but the maternal instinct to accompany and protect the puppy is still there. Non-hormonal reactions may include the dog attaching importance to her toys. This is probably the best toy ever and she has great memories of the two of you playing with it. You throw it, she catches it. No matter how many wacky places your dog wanders off to, you can always find it for her.


Encourage behavior

When your dog is bored, she may cry, and boredom may escalate into destructive behavior. If you think she's telling you she wants to play, add some playtime into her routine. She may want to spend more time with you and more time with her favorite toys. Then again, if she wants to hide it, maybe you could give her a hand (paw). Your dog's instinct to bury things comes from years of surviving in the wild, but it's no longer necessary. Some dogs start hiding their toys out of boredom, while others bury their toys in the backyard. If your dog has a bed or crate, you can add blankets or pillows to create a den and encourage her to hide toys there. Burying toys in the backyard can cause problems: There may be chemicals in the lawn, and dirt can be absorbed by the toys and then get into the dog's mouth.

Other solutions and considerations

If your dog cries over a toy and exhibits strange physical behavior, take her to the vet. A crying dog may have a medical problem. Weird behaviors may include a lack of appetite, indicating digestive issues; scratching at the door to get out, indicating a need to go to the bathroom; or lying in a submissive position but not interacting with you, indicating she is sick. You probably know what your dog does when he's unwell, but if you're not sure, call your veterinarian. One concern is if your dog begins object guarding, i.e. growling, nipping or biting, when an object such as a toy is threatened. For this, you need to contact a trainer, as this behavior may escalate to other objects or even people. Generally speaking, your dog crying is probably nothing to worry about, but it can become annoying. Try giving her an interactive toy that stimulates her mind. She'll be so busy finding the toy that she forgets to complain.


in conclusion

Your dog may just love her toys, or she may have more things to do. Play with her regularly and know she's enjoying her time with her human best friend. The world is a noisy place, so having the people and things you love is important for everyone, even your four-legged friends.

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