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Why Do Girls Love LOL Dolls?

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Why Do Girls Love LOL Dolls?

When was the first toy invented?

Objects in the shape of humans and animals, possibly toys, have been found in ancient Sumerian sediments dating back to 2600 BC.

The earliest known written historical record of a toy comes from Greek around 500 BC and refers to a yo-yo made of wood, metal or painted clay. With the improvement of living standards, people continue to develop more childhood playmates. Dolls, toys and other interesting things accompany today's children.


1. How to define a toy?

Toys generally refer to items that can be played with. They come in different materials and forms of play. They can be natural objects such as soil, stones, branches, shells, etc.; they can also be artificially made, such as puppets, cards, building blocks, puzzles, etc. Toys play an important entertainment role in human society and play an important role in the socialization process of children. By playing with toys, children can learn how to use tools, exercise, and learn cause and effect. It also increases opportunities for communication with siblings; toys can also be used therapeutically.


2. What is a doll?

Dolls come in a variety of styles and materials and can represent almost any animal or character, real or fictional, and even non-animal or non-living subjects. The doll can be a human figure made of a bale of straw or corn husks, or it can be a lifelike model of a real person. An incomplete list of doll types includes stuffed animals, plush toys, fashion dolls (such as Barbie), articulated action figures, baby dolls, porcelain dolls, dolls, marionettes, mannequins, crash tests, and CPR /First aid training dummy, ventriloquism dummy.

The main difference between a toy and a doll is that a toy is an object for playing with, while a doll is a model of a person, usually used as a children's toy. Toys are items used in play, especially items designed for play. Dolls are small models of people (usually babies or girls) used as toys for children, while action figures are dolls that represent people or fictional characters known for intense action.


A good toy should bring fun to the child and be suitable for his age, developmental needs and personality. Generally speaking, it should also possess one or more of the following qualities: Inspire children to play actively.

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