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Why Do Little Girls Want Baby Dolls?

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Why Do Little Girls Want Baby Dolls?

Why does my baby like to play with dolls?

If your children's room is filled with exciting toys, books, and games, you may be wondering why a simple doll captures your child's attention. "A lot of it has to do with what the doll looks like and whether it fits the child's senses," said Dr. Debbie White, a Florida psychologist who has been studying children for 30 years. At first, soft, cuddly dolls may fit their current sensory preferences, but as children get older, they begin to bond with dolls, no matter what they look like.

Relationships are also a major part of young children's daily experiences. "When you're one or two years old, the most important part of your life is the people around you, and dolls are just miniature people," said Catherine S. Tamis-Lemonda, professor of applied psychology at NYU Steinhardt Ph.D. says Faculty of Culture, Education and Human Development. "Children love to pretend to play and act out what they are experiencing. Acting out hugs, kisses and bedtime is much more difficult with blocks."

Children who are not yet talking or who are just learning to talk may also find dolls useful for communicating their emotions.


Why should children play with dolls?

While dolls are not necessarily part of any formal curriculum, experts agree that they provide many developmental benefits to young children.

In addition to the social-emotional benefits, playing with dolls can improve skills and help prepare children for preschool. What kids gain from this sweet, fun, imaginative play.

1. Communication skills

2. Creative thinking

3. Empathy

4. Fine motor skills

5. Self-help skills

6. Self-soothing techniques


Experts agree that playing with dolls does have benefits. Giving your child a soft, easy-to-hold (and hug) doll on their first birthday can introduce them to a rich world of pretend play, build motor and life skills, and enhance social and emotional development. What if your child doesn't like dolls? Don't worry. They may find a special friend in a stuffed animal or other lovable character whose presence provides similar benefits and, one day, memories.

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