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Why Do People Hate Fake Flowers?

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Why Do People Hate Fake Flowers?

Fake plants may look nice at first glance, but the fact that they are lifeless will show. Sure, fake plants don't shed leaves, don't require repotting, and don't require any water, but you'll also be stuck with dusting and spot cleaning. However, the biggest disadvantage of fake plants is that they do not provide the same benefits as real flowers and plants.

Fake plants won’t actively clean your environment

Live plants naturally help clean the air so you and I can breathe. While fake plants may look like them, they don't actually do that, which means your fake plants won't improve air quality or your health. Live plants can actually remove toxins from the air, making everyone feel better. So while they put in more effort, they give out more in return.

Humans emit carbon dioxide, and photosynthetic plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This creates the perfect balance that keeps Earth's average temperature around 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the average temperature on Earth is rising because too many people are exhaling carbon dioxide and not enough trees and plants are filtering it out. The situation is made worse by the increased burning of fossil fuels and the release of carbon stored millions of years ago. There are so many fossil fuels in the environment that even if we stopped burning all fossil fuels today, temperatures on Earth would continue to rise for hundreds of years.


Cleaning fake plants is more work than you think

If you google "how to clean fake plants" you will find a world of information because this is something that must be done regularly. Otherwise, the fake plants will become dirty and dusty, affecting their appearance and making the air difficult to breathe.

You don’t need to water or prune, but you do have to dust and clean spots, and it’s not easy to get into all those small spaces. Plus, cleaning fake plants isn't as satisfying as planting, watering, and pruning the living things.

Fake flowers = quickly fading petals

Real flowers in artificial pots become more beautiful over time, growing and flourishing in all kinds of new ways. Fake flowers, on the other hand, will only get worse over time as their petals start to fade and turn funky colors (which makes the dust even worse.) If you leave your fake flowers out by a window or in the sun Anywhere it is exposed to light will fade. Happens faster. At this point the fake plants need to be replaced because who wants to look at fake faded plants?


Fake plants are harmful to the environment

Plants are nature’s gifts and help the world go around. Fake plants are just the opposite. The fact that they are made with dyes in large factories only adds to our growing pollution problem. When you throw away those fading flowers, where do you think they go...ding, ding, ding, landfill! Landfills are overcrowded. Living plants, on the other hand, are absorbed back into the earth and participate in the natural cycle of life.

Generally speaking, artificial plants do nothing to help the environment. They do not remove carbon dioxide from the air and provide us with clean oxygen to breathe. They do not break down into useful organic matter. In fact, they just turn into more plastic waste, damaging landfills and waterways. They provide no habitat or food for bees and other pollinators.

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