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Why Does My Dog Just Stand And Stare at Nothing?

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Why Does My Dog Just Stand And Stare at Nothing?

Why is my dog always staring at something?

Dogs have different vision than humans, so they can see things we can't. They are also very receptive to smells, so when they are staring at something, they may just be trying to pay attention to a certain smell, which makes it look like they are staring.

Let’s explore why your dog might be staring at something. Do we need to worry about it not being able to see?

1. Oriented by smell

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. If you see your dog staring at something, it's possible that they are actually sniffing the air and staring at scent trails. They may also try to pinpoint odors coming from specific areas, such as kitchen cabinets or corners of a room.

2. Listen and watch at the same time

Dogs also have very good hearing and can hear distant sounds. This means they will stop and wait, listening very will look like they are staring. They may also be able to locate where a sound (no matter how faint!) may be coming from.

3. Daydream

We don't know if they were actually daydreaming, but they were probably just thinking about something. It is undeniable that this possibility exists.

4. Depression or lethargy

If your dog looks sad or lacks energy, they may appear withdrawn. It may look like they are just sitting there staring and not doing much. It's kind of heartbreaking, not going to lie.


As dogs age, their movements do slow down and their cognition and sensation may decline. This means they may sit and stare, sometimes looking at nothing, or they may stare at you! This happens to all of us.


Should I be worried that my dog can't see anything?

Staring is usually harmless, but there may be a medical reason behind it. Here's a list of things we're going to address that might involve. As always, with anything medical-related, the safest approach is to talk to your veterinarian.

1. To stare suddenly

Any unusual behavior by your dog should be recorded and kept in a diary. See if you can spot any triggers and report them to your veterinarian. Keeping a journal is really helpful because their staring could be due to illness...but you also might have some critters or rodents hanging out under your house!

2. Nervous system problems

Seizures and other brain injuries, diseases, or syndromes may also cause vacant or blank vision as part of a spectrum of symptoms.

3. Dog dementia

Signs of cognitive dysfunction in dogs may include staring at something for an extended period of time, or staring at a wall or floor. You may also hear of this phenomenon called "sundowning syndrome," which commonly affects older and older dogs.

4. Pain

If your dog is in pain, in any discomfort, or sick, they may stare into space as a coping mechanism to help them think about other things.

5. Compulsive behavior

What some call obsessive-compulsive disorder, or dog OCD, is staring for long periods of time, which can turn into obsessive-compulsive disorder. Staring at lights and reflections, or chasing shadows, can also be a compulsive issue for some dogs.


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