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Why Does My Dog Nudge Me When I Stop Petting?

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Why Does My Dog Nudge Me When I Stop Petting?

Sometimes, dogs may display biting behavior when their owners touch, pet, or have certain body parts in contact with them. The dog owner will feel confused and wonder if the dog hates him or her? Although this may look like aggression, it's usually not the dog's intention to harm its owner.

After raising a dog for a long time, I realized that when a dog opens its mouth and "bites my hand," it has several meanings.

"The dog likes you so much"

When the owner touches the dog, the dog will usually open its mouth and bite the owner's hand gently. In fact, it is not a real bite. It is a friendly expression of interaction with the owner, an act of intimacy with the owner, and a sign of respect for the owner. an expression of trust

You usually like dogs too much, and the dog can feel it, and it will inevitably act coquettishly with you, but it doesn't know how to "show affection" to you. It can only use direct expressions and gently express its love for you with its mouth. It is also an expression of loving you. Treat it well!


"The dog is playing with you"

If you observe carefully, you will find that when puppies play, they usually fight, chase, and bite each other with their mouths. Therefore, when dogs leave their siblings and start playing with people, they are likely to use their mouths. If you bite someone, it will mistakenly think it is playing with you.

"The dog feels upset or scared"

When a dog thinks it is in danger, it may bite to protect itself. If an owner touches or touches a sensitive part of the dog's body (such as feet, tail or belly), this may make the dog feel uneasy or scared, and they may try to express their dissatisfaction by biting.


"possessiveness causes trouble"

Possessive puppies also like to bite their owners. This is to declare their status and believe that the owner belongs to them, so that no dog outside can approach you. Faced with this situation, we'd better stop the dog in time, otherwise we will suffer a lot if the dog becomes the boss in the family.

"I want to know you better"

Many people may not know that chewing is also a way for dogs to explore the world. When dogs are puppies, they will bite objects to assist their cognition, such as the taste and texture of the things they bite.

So when a puppy bites its owner's finger, part of the reason may be to get to know the owner.


“It’s time for dogs to grind their teeth”

Dogs begin to grow teeth at the age of 20 days and begin to lose teeth at the age of 4 months. During the period of teething and teething, the gums will be very itchy. Dogs will use the action of "biting" to relieve the discomfort caused by teething, including biting until the teeth Once it stops growing completely, it will gradually stop itching, and the biting phenomenon will gradually disappear.

Pet owners can prepare some teething tools or teething snacks for their dogs to chew in advance to reduce the number of bites.

“The dog wants to eat”

Some dogs are very smart and will try their best to notify their owners when they are hungry. They may bark, or bring the dog bowl to you, or they may bite lightly to attract your attention, suggesting that you should feed them. , then pour some dog food for it quickly.

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